Yvonne Kohter’s training sessions add fun to deepening St. Nicholas fitness program

Enthusiastic trainers spice up a village fitness scene.

Yvonne Kohter has been running various fitness classes at Deeping St Nicholas since last August. They feature full-body circuit training, high-intensity interval training, and newly introduced chair-based exercises.

The former business analyst was inspired to enter the fitness world after giving birth to her third child four years ago – and believes some local classes are just what the village needs.

Yvonne Kohter runs many fitness classes at Deeping St Nicholas

She currently hosts them at Triangle Green on St Nicholas Way, primary schools and churches. “Yes, they can go to Deeping or drive to Spalding or Crawland, but their time of day is more than an hour,” she said.

“It was more like two hours because they had to get there, they had to change, so in fact it was right on their doorstep. When I was just outside the church at first, no one complained. They just needed it, really of.”

Yvonne hopes that if plans for a village hall at Deeping St Nicholas are successful, she will be able to identify a reliable venue.

She currently holds weekly classes in Crowland and Baston.

Both are chair-based classes, which she says are tailored for “people who don’t want to get up and do some crazy exercise.”

Yvonne learned her skills at Smart Qualifications in Peterborough after taking many online fitness classes herself.

“I started getting interested in the backstory of fitness, but I never really thought I’d be coaching it. I just wanted to learn,” she added. “It allows me to focus on something different from work, something different from kids – it’s like a hobby.”

To find out more about Yvonne’s courses, people can contact her at yvonne.kohter@hotmail.co.uk


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