You have to learn to listen to the full shot before being lured to tweet, champ

Draymond Green: You have to learn to listen to the full clip, not the clip, and then you’ll be lured to tweet the champ.
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What’s trending on Twitter?

David Hardisty @clutch fan
From the archives: January 3, 2019. #Rockets James Harden trailed Cali by two and hit the winning 3 in overtime in the cup for Dray and Klay. That’s when I covered the radio call on video – @ca_rockets turned his back on the call. PM

Anthony Slater @Anthony Firthlet
Draymond Green on Celtics and why he believes they can beat the Heat even before the series ends pm

Chris Burke @Chris Burke
Knowing that Draymond wanted DPOTY, I asked him if he felt the All-Defensive Second Team was a compliment or a slight. Draymond said: “It’s slight. I think when I look at the first team, I’m not sure I can identify five players who have been better than me in defensive seasons.” 5:29pm

Dalton Johnson @Dalton J_Johnson
Draymond: “You have to accept your path and that’s what [Jordan Poole] Already done. “- 5:20pm

krishna narsu @knarsu3
KD will definitely be watching the Finals in a Tatum jersey, full support for Steph and the Warriors 😂 – 5:20pm

Conor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Draymond Green on Defensive All-NBA Second Team: “For me, it’s just trivial. … When I look at the first team, I’m not sure I can figure out five defensive seasons that compare I’m a better player.” – 5:17pm

Dalton Johnson @Dalton J_Johnson
Draymond Green thinks the second-team All-Defensive lineup is trivial. Didn’t see five players defending better than him this season — 5:16pm

Montepur @Monte Poole NBCS
Why don’t they switch to a big man? They are too small. Why don’t they search the buyout market? Through relentless questions, Steve Kerr and Draymond Green didn’t blink. Neither did Kevin Rooney.… – 4:46 pm

Justin Kubatko @Jakubatko
99 players in NBA history have played in at least 25 conference finals.
The top three winning percentages are @Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, who are all 24-8 (0.750). pm

Justin Kubatko @Jakubatko
Most career points scored in an NBA playoff by a player before his 25th birthday:
2155 – Kobe Bryant (22.2 points)
1,761 – LeBron James (29.4 PPG)
1,564 – Jayson Tatum (23.0 PPG)
1,547 – Tony Parker (17.2 PPG)
1,546 – Kevin Durant (28.6 PPG) pm

Mark Medina @Mark G_ Medina
IYCMI: How Warriors’ Klay Thompson got through his two years out with injury. Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Kevon Looney, Bob Myers, Steve Kerr and his coaching staff share stories of Klay’s setbacks, resilience and joy over the past two years

alex kennedy @alex kennedy NBA
Warriors Big Three’s Draymond Green reaches sixth NBA Finals in eight years:
“Nobody proved they could get us out of that position. That’s the mentality we got into this thing. We understand what it takes to win a championship.”… – 7:20pm

StatMuse @National Museum
Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are the third pair of teammates 25 or younger to average 20 points per game to reach the NBA Finals.
– Tatum and Brown (2022)
– Durant and Westbrook (2012)
— DJ and Gus Williams (1979)
“They said we couldn’t play together!”

tommy beer @tommy beer
Biggest free agent signings of 2019: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
Three years later — KD’s leaving team (Warriors) and Kyrie’s leaving team (Celtics) face off in the NBA Finals — 8:46 am

Sean Grande @Sean Grande PBP
Tonight’s 26-year-old Larry Bird ECF MVP Jayson Tatum passed Kevin Durant and Tony Parker for third place on the NBA’s Under-25 playoff scoring list.
Ranked No. 1 among players 19 or older entering the league. am

Michael Pina @Michael VPina
Tatum ousted KD, Giannis and Jimmy Butler. Next up: Stephen Curry. run so fast- 11:29pm

StatMuse @National Museum
Jayson Tatum beat KD, Giannis and Jimmy in the playoffs.

Mark Stein @Stan Line
From Kevin Durant’s toes to Max Struth’s heels… 11:22pm

Sam Quinn @Sam Quinn CBS
Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jimmy Butler all came out with the injury-riddled Celtics.
Jimmy Butler is closer to beating them than Giannis or KD.
I don’t know how to do it, but it’s very important to how we should think about Jimmy. – 11:20pm

Justin Garcia @Termigarcia
The Celtics are the best team in the playoffs. They’re better than a healthy Miami team, and a lot better than this version that limped to the finish line. They knocked out KD and Giannis, but were 24 minutes away from breaking what could be their best chance at the title of this group — 9:59pm

sopandeb @SopanDeb
Well, seriously, it’s Game 7 of the East’s hour-long pregame show, and ESPN has spent the most time figuring out whether KD is better than Curry (because it’s 2018) and the Lakers’ new coach– 8:06pm

sopandeb @SopanDeb
Expect Warriors fans to react intelligently to ESPN’s discussion about who is better between KD and Curry — 8:03pm

Kevin Durant @KDTrey5
No one is better… On the left is a missile. keep away. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ – 12:58 AM

Kevin Durant @KDTrey5
I talk to the TV like I’m an editor. 🗣 Let’s get it tank – 12:33 AM

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“They need those shiny objects to analyze what’s going on…Stephen Curry’s double-teaming is 7 times what Kevin Durant did…His impact on the game, If you don’t know basketball, you’d say he needs a Finals MVP to prove who he is.” – Stephen Curry and Finals MVP Draymond Green. Kevin Durant on Twitter: This is 100% wrong in my opinion… -via Twitter @KDTrey5 / May 31, 2022

Kevin Durant: Oh, I saw my brothers, and I appreciate your compliment, but I disagree with what you’re saying about double-teaming, that’s all. I love this show – via Twitter @KDTrey5 / May 31, 2022

Anthony Slater: Gary Payton II, Otto Porter Jr. and Andre Iguodala were full participants in today’s practice. lighter exercises. Full contact practice tomorrow. Steve Kerr said the team will learn more about the GP2/Iguodala/Otto late practice tomorrow. -pass Twitter @anthonyVslater / May 31, 2022

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