Who let the dog in?Open House of Hound Town in Brunswick, USA

Brunswick – Cleveland – Brunswick Hounds, Ohio, owner Roger Burzanko said work is complete on the expansion of his new American Hounds store at 1148 Pearl Road in Shenandoah Plaza.

Tours of the facility will be held on June 2nd from 3-7pm and June 4th from 10am-2pm.

No reservations are required, Burzanko said in the release, “There is no need to bring your puppy here — only humans. Come in and see what we have in store for your four-legged family member.”

American Hound Town is a fully interactive doggy daycare and overnight boarding facility, and the Brunswick location is the first in northeastern Ohio, according to its website. Ahead of the opening, Burzanko said the 7,700-square-foot space will include six play areas, eventually including indoor and outdoor spaces.

He added that Cleveland-Brunswick Hound is scheduled to open on June 8.

“All dog parents must first arrange for their puppies to be tested for temperament,” he said. All dogs must also be kept up to date with their photos, Burzanko said, adding that the facility also has a dedicated area for cat boarding.

For more information, visit https://houndstownusa.com/locations/cleveland-brunswick/ or call 330-460-3052.

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