When we saw Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James for the NBA championship

You know you want it.
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This is the NBA Finals in 2043. Erosion on the east coast cannot be ignored, and it is illegal to hold football outdoors in the summer, when the average temperature in most places is 115 degrees. But indoors, the world’s long-awaited showdown is finally about to unfold. That June, four months after Michael Jordan’s 80th birthday, he would face LeBron James in the NBA championship race.

on the field? is it possible? Long after Elon Musk bails out on his failed Hyperloop, a team of scientists could be funded to bring the true fountain of youth together. It could be placed on a space station where he or one of his children would charge for a shuttle ride, the contents of the fountain, and overpriced freeze-dried food, since the space station would have the only 7-11 within 300 miles of the Earth’s surface.

Most likely, Jordan and James will match each other in the front office.James – recently announced billionaire go through Forbes – Expressed in the latest episode of the show shop He wants to own an NBA team one day. He even wanted to start from scratch.

“I want to have a team in Vegas,” he said. Say on the show.

One of the constant churning topics in NBA rumors is expansion.In Adam Silver’s press conference before the start of the NBA Finals, he said that no discussions have taken place, but “One day, the league will keep expanding.”

NBA Insider Marc Stein Says Owners Won’t Consider Expansion Until 2024 at the earliest, after negotiations on a new state television contract were completed. That being said, Seattle and Las Vegas are the undisputed frontrunners whenever the league decides to add a new franchise.

Suppose the NBA starts bidding on teams in Seattle and Las Vegas in 2027 to keep the conference balanced. A new team owner will then be determined in 2029. For now, James insists he wants to play with his oldest son, Bronny, who will graduate from high school in 2023. With Change Brownie — currently the No. 34 high school player in the country — sure to be offered, he won’t be in a rush to become a pro unless he’s one of the five best players in the country early on.

So say Brownie graduated and shared the court with his dad. LeBron then retired in 2028 at age 43. Far from a sure-fire scenario, considering that Bronny is only 6-foot-2, and LeBron will have to play 25 seasons of NBA basketball. Still, even if LeBron persists until his legs don’t have any jumps, he’ll almost certainly take off his uniform and be ready to make a bid when expansion talks get serious.He’s already rounded up investors to start a production company — SpringHill — which they recently valued at $725 millionaccording to Forbes.

Is it hasty to say that James will get his Las Vegas jackpot or the Bellagio Fountains in the Finals in 14 seasons? The Orlando Magic reached the NBA Finals twice in their first 20 seasons, while the Miami Heat won championships in that span. We don’t know how James will manage a roster where he’s not (he certainly leaves a lot to be desired with the current Los Angeles Lakers), but we’ve seen Jordan at work. He only played one year with the Washington Wizards, playing just the last two seasons, but he’s been the owner of the Charlotte team for 12 years. The Hornets are finally in the spotlight for the 2020-21 season. Now that Jordan finally has a promising young team, the buzz about the Hornets buzzing around Russell Westbrook keeps coming.

Jordan’s first time in the front office was indeed with a player like LaMelo Ball. LaVar’s youngest player still has some work to do defensively, but he’s a star. Ball was the Hornets’ power line when he was on the floor. He can play whatever it takes and is clearly working on his game. His three-point percentage has improved from 35.2 percent to 38.9 percent as the numbers have increased. New coach Kenny Atkinson will improve Ball’s defense as well as the team as a whole, working closely with all the detail-oriented improvements that a player of his caliber will have to make from Year 2 to Year 3.

If all goes well with Ball, by 2043, he could be the final year in NBA history as a Queens legend with a title. The Hornets used their championship shenanigans to make it to the Finals against Bronny-coached James’ budding Vegas team.

At that point, Sportscenter will be able to play full games in the Jordan Bulls-James metaverse. That’s how they previewed the series, releasing episodes one by one on streaming giant Disney+ — cable TV would be obsolete 10 years ago.James’ 10-part documentary about his career will appear on landing page alongside Jordan’s now 11-part documentary last dance he became “Living Breathing Changes Creative Expression” What Kanye West is after Pablo’s life Once Jordan joins the Wizards and Hornets for the 2031 championship.

Malika Andrews, Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins – with outstanding salt and pepper beards – will be on call. The action on the floor is dramatic, but as Jordan quickly puffs on a Cohiba vape, the camera keeps flashing toward the other’s owner’s box, and viewers can see James on the 4K camera anxiously chewing his nails.

The real-life MJ blends in with LeBron, Nevada and North Carolina off the court. With sports talk radio set to air on Meta Quests and callers arguing with Stephen A. Smith and JJ Redick on set, the debate will be intense.

We may never get flying cars from the Jetsons or solid affordable housing, but an NBA championship with Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James one day is a real possibility. Then the GOAT title will be won in the absolute best way possible, with two billionaires winning for life, tormented in suites and having to watch someone other than themselves decide the outcome, both of whom are concerned about allowing Musk to use outer space The fountain tricked them into being angry just so they could tie their sneakers together and figure out for themselves who was better.


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