What is a menstrual mask and is it good for the skin?

Beauty trends come and go, and many times we don’t even remember which fruit or vegetable we chose to star in our skincare or haircare products. When it comes to weird beauty trends, blood masks, or moon masks, definitely top the list. The hashtag #periodfacemask has been trending online for a while now. As the name suggests, it is a mask made of your own menstrual blood! Many young women are making DIY face coverings, snapping pictures and posting them on social media. While some are bold or experimental enough to try this weird beauty trend, others are curious to know about costume masks. Read on to find out if period masks actually work.

According to ResearchGate, life expectancy has increased, so middle-aged and elderly people make up a large percentage of the global population.

Skin rejuvenation methods have become very popular because aging often manifests itself on human skin. Instead of relying on homemade or DIY face masks, many people opt for fillers or laser treatments to keep themselves looking younger. But there are also those looking for simpler, less expensive beauty treatments to keep their skin radiant and healthy. In search of such treatments, women try to use what is readily available in the kitchen cupboard or in the garden.

Period masks can be dangerous. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Well, as far as this new beauty trend is concerned, it’s inside you! All you have to do is collect your menstrual blood and keep it in a container. Then apply all over the face. You might think it’s unhygienic, but women who smear menstrual blood on their faces do it to make their skin glow. But trying this weird beauty trend can come with risks.

Health Shots reached out to Dr Sonal Bansal, Consultant Dermatologist at Fortis Memorial Institute, Gurgaon, to find out if women should be concerned about anything other than hygiene when trying out period masks.

Period masks can be dangerous

When something new comes out, especially in the beauty industry, many people want to try it out. But blindly following beauty trends isn’t always wise, because they can be dangerous.

According to Dr. Bansal, it is not safe to use menstrual blood as a face mask. In fact, she warns, it could even prove dangerous because it can lead to skin infections, especially if you already have a vaginal or cervical infection. So, if you put this blood on your face, it can cause skin infections as well.

Vampire Facial
Vampire facials are not the same as period masks. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

blood beauty

Remember when reality star Kim Kardashian posed for her Instagram followers after a vampire facial? Well, that beauty treatment happens to use human blood. Known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or vampire facials, the cosmetic treatment using human blood is where blood is drawn from a vein and processed in a way that “can have beautiful results on your skin,” says Bansal. It is chosen by women looking for anti-aging and anti-pigmentation treatments.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, PRP may reduce wrinkles, plump sagging skin, remove deep wrinkles, improve skin tone and even reduce acne scarring.

A Vampire Facial and a Period Facial Don’t Produce the Same Results

You might think that since both treatments use human blood, the effect on your skin should be the same. But experts warn that menstrual blood, now marketed as a cosmetic, “cannot be used in the same way”. Applying blood to the skin does not go deep inside and is not equivalent to any injection therapy, she said.

Apparently, this weird beauty trend is more talk than action. Better to skip this and look for other ways to get clear and glowing skin! Most importantly, eat healthy, exercise, stay hydrated and sleep well!


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