What happened when this guy did 100 pull-ups a day for 30 days

There’s no shortage of videos on YouTube where fitness influencers commit to doing lots of repetitions in any given exercise for 30 days to see how it affects their physique. Daniel Witmer recently committed to 100 pull-ups a day for a month and breaks down the pros and cons of the challenge in a new video on the Jump Rope Dudes channel.

At the beginning of the month, it took Witmer quite a while to complete all 100 reps, but as time went on and his performance improved, he quickly found that he was able to complete his pull-ups in less than an hour, Usually 35 to 45 minutes, with one minute rest between sets. However, at the end of the 30 days, he was forced to resign.

“I made it to day 25, and in one of my sets, I got injured,” he said. “I pulled a muscle above the lats in my upper back, and I knew at the time, I shouldn’t be doing this challenge because my arm was really sore.”

Witmer believes that the cause of the injury is that he trains the same muscle groups in a row for long periods of time without rest, which is always an inherent risk in these 30-day fitness challenges. “You can’t expect to do something very strenuous like 100 pull-ups a day and recover normally, that’s not how the body works,” he said. “In exercise and exercise, especially weightlifting and resistance training, whether it’s weightlifting or bodyweight training, you always want at least a day off between workouts.”

That being said, he does think that this challenge can have some positive results. For example, he was able to improve his ability to do multiple pull-ups in a row, whereas before he could only do a few sets in a row.

“The pull-up is one of those activities that makes you feel more confident,” he says. “When you can do 20 pull-ups on your own, it’s a tough activity that requires a lot of muscle, and it’s one of those movements that people don’t usually want to do, like burpees, so when you Yes Can do a bunch, people must have noticed…if I can do so many pull-ups, I don’t know what else my body can do? “

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