Voicemod uses AI to turn your voice into a Morgan Freeman, an astronaut, and more

Voicemod is a popular real-time voice changer that starts using artificial intelligence to transform your voice into Morgan Freeman and other characters. The new Voicemod AI Voices beta launches today, offering eight options to transform your voice into fantasy characters, pilots, astronauts, and actor Morgan Freeman.

Voicemod has been changing sounds over the years thanks to classic sound design techniques, but these new sound effects also incorporate artificial intelligence. The voice that Voicemod calls “Morgan” is particularly impressive, allowing you to pretend you’re a famous movie star or just a good voice actor. The new pilot sounds are also fun, with sound effects that make you sound like you’re flying a plane.

New AI voice for Voicemod.
Image: Voice Module

All sounds are processed in real-time, so it’s perfect for streaming on Twitch or making fun calls on Discord. All data for these voices is generated with the help of professional English-speaking voice actors whose characteristics match the voices Voicemod is reconstructing. Actors read scripts to generate data for AI-based models, and sound designers then use traditional sound design techniques to turn the voices into full-fledged characters. Many AI sounds include dynamics, filters, and background music.

Since these AI sounds are processed on your own PC, they require more CPU power than regular Voicemod effects. Voicemod opened a beta today (you can sign up here) and you’ll be able to test it out on your PC to make sure there aren’t any audio dropouts or other performance issues. The main version of Voicemod is currently only available on PC (a mobile app exists), but a Mac version is in the works.

As the years go by, the realistic synthetic sound becomes more and more impressive. While AI speech has been a novelty in the past, tools like Resemble.AI and Respeecher have already demonstrated the potential of content creators, allowing editors to use voice clones to edit spoken recordings. Voicemod’s AI voices are now aimed at steam engines and content creators, and they are part of a wave of progress that shows how close we are to everyone being able to freely copy voices.

Voicemod also recently introduced PowerPitch technology, which allows users to create persistent online voice identities for gaming and role-playing, work, school or regular phone calls. The technology could easily be used for entertainment and pranks, but it could also benefit millions of people with speech impairments to improve pitch, loudness and quality issues. It also benefits some transgender players. AI hasn’t been brought to PowerPitch yet, but it looks like it’s only a matter of time before you can have your own AI voice for meetings, Discord calls, or anything else.

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