Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma team up with toothsi by makeO to help you smile with confidence

teethsi by makeO’s new brand video shows how fixing misaligned teeth and a new smile can be as easy as ordering food from a mobile app.

Proper tooth alignment plays a vital role in keeping our teeth and gums healthy. Crooked, crooked or gapped teeth make hygiene maintenance quite difficult and often lead to diseases such as periodontitis and bad breath. That’s where clear aligners come in, a simple, easy-to-use tool that can help people straighten misaligned teeth and ensure a confident smile.

teethsi by makeO, India’s leading smile makeover brand, launched its first campaign with its brand ambassadors Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma to help raise awareness of how easy it is to straighten misaligned teeth. Why choose Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma? Well, for starters, the duo have been known to be outspoken about health and overall fitness. This character resonates with the mission of toothsi by makeO. As mentioned above, this cheeky ad tries to show people that straightening teeth is a fairly simple process with the brand’s affordable and very convenient clear aligners. The ad also shows how makeO’s teethsi can help correct misaligned teeth without burdening your pockets. Finally, the event concluded with a spotlight on the ease of making appointments and using the makeO aligner toothsi.

The ad features the iconic Naresh Gosain (aka “Gulab Jamun Uncle”) of Swiggy fame. In the film, we see Gosain about to eat gulab jamun when Virat and Anushka pop up and tell him and his grandchildren that straightening misaligned teeth is “as easy as ordering ghar baithe from a food app”. They then go on to explain how toothsi by makeO’s aligners are easy to use, wear and carry in your pocket.

The concept behind the campaign is simple: borrowing from the idea of ​​mobile meal delivery, it simplifies and speeds up the delivery of your favorite foods, with the message that solving misaligned teeth is easy and hassle-free. The ad conveys the message that the entire process can be accessed from the comfort of home through the makeO app.

toothsi by makeO, as a brand with more than 5,000 dental partners across India, ISO certified laboratories and 1,50,000+ smile designs, has been committed to helping its users flaunt their beautiful smiles with confidence. That’s what’s driving the company to develop highly efficient clear aligners and a robust ecosystem of services to help correct tooth alignment issues.

The toothsi by makeO service allows customers to book scans, receive updates and monitor the progress of their treatment through the brand’s app. Treatments are carried out under the supervision of expert orthodontists to ensure credibility throughout the process. Aligner sheets are CE and FDA approved to ensure product safety and efficacy. With this new campaign, the aim is to reinforce toothsi through makeO’s brand identity and position it as a one-stop solution for a fusion of best-in-class orthodontics and technology.

It’s clear that the brand has been and continues to be committed to solving the problem of crooked teeth with its simple, modern and affordable solutions. To further strengthen its efforts, teethsi by makeO combined customer advocacy and influencer marketing to increase awareness of its clear braces. It’s also interesting that the brand didn’t market its products directly, instead choosing to focus on its product’s value proposition.

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