‘Victorious Warriors’ chokes on Boston fans in the changing room

During the 2022 NBA Finals, Boston Celtics fans inside TD Garden made it clear that they weren’t thinking too much about Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green.

After the Warriors closed out the series Thursday night and won their fourth title in eight years, the team gathered in the locker room to celebrate the victory. multiple get over The writers present outside heard, well…you probably guessed it.

“The entire Warriors locker room is chanting ‘f-you, Draymond’ at the champagne celebration now,” Share with Anthony Slater from Athletic.

The chants also prompted a fun game of seeing writers censor their tweets (we at SFGATE owe a bombproof style guide, but maybe one day it will change).

After the third match, Green’s wife wrote in an Instagram post, “No way, fans should be allowed to swear at players!” Thompson said, “Throwing f-bombs with the kids in the crowd. Real neat. Good job, Boston.”

Meanwhile, Green himself shrugged it off.

“No, they are just talking. It’s not really my business to answer them. They did what I expected.”

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