Top ad matches extracted from WWE Raw

Surprisingly, this week’s “WWE Raw” never featured the advertised Ezekiel vs Kevin Owens Money match in the Bank Qualifiers.

The match appeared to be replaced by a “last chance” battle royale, won by Riddle, who clinched a finals spot for Red Brand Superstars in Saturday’s Bank Ladder. The seventh and final spot on the ladder will be occupied by the SmackDown superstar this Friday. You can click here to see the six superstars who have qualified so far.

As you can see below, WWE advertised Ezekiel’s match against Owens a few hours before “Raw” and even teased the possibility of Owens wrestling Elias or Elrod instead of Ezekiel.

After Riddle won the battle royale, Jimmy Smith confirmed the comments Owens’ match against Ezekiel “had to be rescheduled” to a later date. However, there is no mention of the effect that the game no longer carries money in the bank.

While Ezekiel didn’t wrestle, he did confront WWE icon John Cena backstage on Monday’s show. When Cena asked Ezekiel about Elias’ whereabouts, Ezekiel said his brother was “showing their brother Elrod around” and introducing them to the WWE locker room. This seems to be confirmation that WWE is bringing in Elias’ youngest brother in the near future.

On last week’s episode, WWE took the Ezekiel – Elias-Owens storyline to the next level, showing a backstage clip of Ezekiel and Elias, who appeared in the same frame for the first time. Owens then interrupted one of Elias’ concerts, questioning the legitimacy of the brotherhood meeting, and claiming that they used CGI effects to trick the WWE universe. Owens gets even more annoyed when Ezekiel pops up on Titantron from the backstage area while Elias is still in the ring. The segment ended with Elias hitting Owens with his signature jumping knee, followed by a guitar hit in the back.

WWE has yet to announce Saturday’s Money in the Bank senior live match between Ezekiel and Owens. The storyline appears to be running until July 30 at the SummerSlam at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee.

renew: Owens addressed the canceled game on Twitter. As you can see below, he cited his disdain for Texas as the reason he didn’t show up on Monday.

I didn’t want to go to Texas, so I didn’t. leave me alone.

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