‘Tom Swift’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 1 – Premiere Finale Explained

More than a year after introducing Tom Swift, via Nancy DrewTuesday’s CW finally invited viewers into the billionaire inventor’s world—a sleek, futuristic fantasy in which very few things (and people) look like.

the premiere of tom swift Pick up in 2022 (comparison Nancy2019), which means Tom is “a few years older, in his twenties, and more of an adult,” as star Tian Richards explained to TVLine.tom appears in Nancy Just an appetizer, “Now you can be full.”

Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t seem mature (or outspoken) to his disapproving father, who doesn’t believe Tom is ready to take over Swift Enterprises. A potential father-son reconciliation becomes even more unlikely when Tom — in a room surrounded by his father’s closest “friends” and colleagues — witnesses his spacecraft explode during a live broadcast of a high-profile Saturn voyage.

Tom is full of grief and guilt, but after discovering the source of the explosion external On the ship, he goes into full-scale heist mode, recruiting his inner circle — cousins ​​Zenzi (Ashleigh Murray) and Lino (Donovin Miller), and bodyguard Isaac (Marquise Vilson) — to help him retrieve vital information to uncover who actually killed his father.

It was a close call, but Tom managed to retrieve the data and keep it alive, thanks in large part to Rowan (Albert Mwangi). Congressman Eskel (Ward Horton)’s bodyguard not only helps Tom avoid getting caught, but further warns him that he is being watched by some powerful enemy.

The plot gets more complicated when the group that makes the ship-destroying missile is discovered to be owned by Eskel. What’s more, it’s actually a shell company of an Illuminati-scale group called The Road Back, designed to stop humanity’s technological progress.

Some good news: Tom then learns that not only is his father alive, but he’s also sent a capsule to Earth with vital information on how to save him! Of course, the capsule disintegrates when it re-enters the atmosphere, but that just gives Tom and his crew an excuse for a road trip.

Little do they know that Eskel has hacked into Tom’s AI Barclay (voiced by LeVar Burton), and everyone on his team – presumably including Rowan – is dedicated to preventing Tom from discovering their plans. But is Richards surprised by this final twist? Short answer: “No.”

Longer answer: “In our world, you know you have to keep your eyes open,” Richards said. “You never know who’s who. Yes, we had a lot of fun, but it’s business and corporations — in these areas, people aren’t as usual.”

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