This Workout App That Donates Meals Is Free

The holidays are here, and with them comes good news. (See what we did there?) whether heading to one of the many beautifully decorated Christmas bars, sipping a seasonal cocktail, strolling through a handcrafted festive market, or just getting some fresh air while admiring your city’s most kitschy (and most beautiful) lights, There’s no denying that this time of year inspires wonder in all of us.

It might even inspire you to not only shop for yourself and your loved ones, but also to find ways to give back to your community. News Express: It doesn’t cost you any extra cash — just a little effort and a new app on your smartphone.

greet Weiser, a free app that encourages users to get up and get active.When you download the app (available on iOS and Android devices), you can track qualifying activities such as walking 10,000 steps, exercising for 30 minutes, or taking classes at partner studios such as Orange Theory Fitness. After recording the activity, you can click the donate Vizer crews are partnering with Food Bank of America to donate a meal to those in need in your memory. Then you can rinse and repeat, and do it again the next day to donate another meal. (You just have to hit the “Donate” button before midnight, as the app refreshes daily and donated meals don’t accrue.)

And that’s not all: you earn one point for every meal you donate. Vizer points can be redeemed health brands such as Vita Coco, core foodand olipop At locally participating partners, you can find them in the app. They’re listed near your location, so you don’t have to search around for redemption locations. That said, since Vizer is still relatively new, its in-person offerings are most plentiful in major metro areas.

Needless to say, if you ever need a little extra motivation to continue babes walkmeditate and complete an introductory series on Ashtanga Yoga, or book an All Out With Aoki class at your local Orangetheory studio, Vizer is here to help.

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