This optical illusion shows whether people are cats or dogs

Have you ever wondered if you are really a dog lover or cat lover?

Well, Jackpotjoy has created a new optical illusion that can help reveal your true favorites and finally remove those petty doubts.

The colourful design features blue, red and white shapes with the figures of two animals.

But what was the first thing you saw—a long-eared hound with two colors of fur, or two cats side by side?

When you see this clever illusion, no matter which one you see first, it will reveal whether you really like dogs or cats the most.

So, what do you see? Let us know in the comments!

Personality Traits of Dog Lovers

According to psychologists, people who like dogs are more likely to be loyal, friendly, playful, easy-going, and tend to be outgoing as well. They usually enjoy socializing with their loved ones and enjoying company.

cat personality traits

In contrast, cat lovers are said to be more purposeful and motivated. They’re more likely to enjoy their company — and to be introverted — or to enjoy life on their own.

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