‘They hate you!’: P!nk goes personal, attacks ‘sad old white man’ in anti-Republican tirade

Singer P!nk posted a series of tweets attacking Republicans on Sunday, slamming the Supreme Court’s announcement on Friday to overturn a landmark abortion case Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

The three-time Grammy winner addressed the issue early Saturday, posting a swearing tweet encouraging anyone who opposes abortion to never listen to her music again — apparently prompting a response.

“Let’s be clear: If you think it’s okay for government to belong in a woman’s womb, gay business or marriage, or racism – then please never listen to my music again in your Lord’s name. And F** *Close now. How are we?” she tweeted.

“Judging by recent album sales, I don’t think she has to worry about anyone listening to her music, haha,” Kyle Lamb respond.

David Leatherwood Add to“Attention Ladies and Gentlemen: @Pink joins the ranks of former gay icons who have officially lost their fucking minds – on the heels of @Madonna @cher @BetteMidler @BarbraStreisand.”

“You’re still making music?” Ryan James Gildusky ask.

One woman even credited P!nk for helping save her life when she killed herself – but said she would no longer listen if that was how the singer really felt.

“Wow, Alesia. Tell us how you really feel. I had a playlist when I was 17 that I listened to when I wanted to kill myself. Your song “Perfect” is my favorite. Wear it out. It saved me but that’s okay. I won’t listen anymore because I don’t think we should kill people,” she said. Say.

The singer responded to the criticism on Sunday, saying: “I think all of our nerves have been burned with so many years of racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc. Pandemic, mass shootings, war and Totally unhinged, hypocritical, ignorant Republicans — that’s a little bit more. But we’ll come together. Good will triumph over evil.”

She followed up with a personal attack on those who mocked her music career, adding: “For all of you, these grieving old white guys asking if I still make music. I realize you’ve lost touch – so Ask your kids… oh wait – you can’t. They hate you.”

Critics also responded to the tweet, claiming that no child has actually heard of P!nk.

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