The story of Jjangu, an abandoned dog rescued by #Jin’s family

catty He is known to be a celebrity who aims to spread good influence around the world.he is already a member unicef honor club, encouraging fans to do their part to protect the environment, always sharing thoughtful and wise words. This personality of Jin is said to have been inherited from his parents, especially his father. He encourages his youngest son to be a spreader of positive influence. They also do charity work together.

However, only a few know Behind the scenes of Jin’s family dog, Jjangu. You can see him in Jin’s single teaser video”astronautJin was deeply traumatized by the dog’s death in 2017. Back in 2020, he dedicated a song to his living animal companions, including Jjangu—”tonight

So, a few years ago, Kim shared that his family dog ​​was actually adopted. Jjangu’s story is sad because he was likely rescued from an abusive home. Jin’s family met Jjangu when he was a very sick abandoned dog. However, they managed to rescue and heal him. Jjangu has been part of the Jin family for many years.

Animals are more than just pets to King, they are friends and companions in his lifeHe cherished his sugar gliders and family dogs so much that getting over their deaths was a very difficult process for him. That’s why they were even included in his solo debut as companions on his journey through space. This year, Kim made a donation Organization that rescues beagles who have fallen victim to lab tests. He also donates to pet shelters. Kim has a big heart!


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