The groom enters the venue with his pet dog, and the Internet is in love

This video was posted 4 days ago and has 1.7 million views

They say “a dog is man’s best friend”. And, we all agree. Now, a video of the groom riding his pet dog into the wedding venue on a bicycle has gone viral. This video is sure to melt your heart.

The video, posted on Instagram by Darshan Nandu Pol, shows Mr Pol wearing a sherwani riding a bicycle into the wedding venue with his pet dog. Well, the adorable pup also wore a burgundy sherwani for the big day.

Along with the video, it’s titled “Like a Boss.”

Watch the video here:

The video was posted 4 days ago and so far it has garnered 1.7 million views and over 200,000 likes on Instagram. Netizens loved the groom’s act of kindness. One netizen commented: “So cute… as it should be, no matter what the occasion, our furry baby should come first.”

Another user commented: “Wow I wish everyone could take care of their pets like you do.”

“The dog looks cuter than the groom,” wrote a third user. “It’s so wholesome,” said a fourth. “Wow what a cute dog, keep up the love,” commented a fifth user.

Meanwhile, in another viral video, the bride and groom stand at the altar as the priest officiates. Suddenly, the woman’s student with Down syndrome walked into the hall holding the couple’s ring and flowers. This is a surprise prepared by the groom for the bride.

The groom asked them to be ring bearers on his wedding day to surprise his wife. The gesture brought the woman to tears, and she was visibly moved.

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