The Giants offered to judge “Nearby” at $360 million

The Giants offered to take control of the MVP in the American League Aaron Judge He thinks he is [in the] $360 million neighborhood reports John Heyman from the New York Post. The number of years on the contract is not clear, although recent reports have indicated that Judge may be pushing for a nine-year deal. That would put the potential average annual value on San Francisco’s bid in the $40 million ballpark, or possibly in the $36 million range if they were comfortable extending the bid into a decade in order to alleviate some concerns about VAT and welfare.

San Francisco had long been seen as the primary signing threat for Judge away from the Yankees, due to its increased urgency to field a winner, the team’s widely open view of the payroll and Judge’s fanbase for the team as he grew up in Northern California. Judge met with both teams this past week, and outside of some loose contacts with the Dodgers, there have been no specific reports on other teams involved in the mix.

This does not mean that the judge has only suitors, of course. With a 62-homer, .311/.425/.686 season earning him his first MVP win, it stands to reason that the majority of teams would at least inquire about the possibility of a deal. However, given the heights to which his market appears to be rising, most clubs would certainly be reluctant to make a competitive bid.

However, today’s disclosure made by the Padres Tria Turner A $342 million deal that would give him the third-largest security in MLB history—only to be rejected in favor of the Phillies—was at least proof that another team was willing to spend at the higher end of the free agent market (albeit a different player). There hasn’t been a firm bond between the Padres and Judge yet, but with San Diego eyeing the outside market and after showing willingness to commit to an unprecedented $300M+ third contract, it’s easy to speculate that the brothers could emerge as a viable third entry bid.

Even with the Giants’ massive offering, Heyman suggests, many in the industry still believe the Yankees are the favorites. For their part, the Yankees, of course, continue to hope that Judge will re-sign and spend his career in the Bronx, although recently-extended general manager Brian Cashman told reporters last night that agent Paige Odell gave the Yankees no guarantees they’d be given the chance to match an offer from a team. Post or override it before the judge accepts (link via Bryan Hoch from

Giants have about $133 million in salary committed on the books next year and it’s projected to be $91 million shy of class A luxury tax penalties so AAV to judge in the upper $30 million or even up to $40 million wouldn’t put them in Anywhere near the tax line. Judge rejected the Yankees’ qualifying offer, however, costing the Giants their second-highest draft pick in the next summer’s draft and also resulting in a $500,000 cut in their ability to spend on amateur international free agents.


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