The dog crawls up to the pet parent and steals a kiss from him.Watch Viral Video | Popular

The sweet moments of interaction between pet parents and pet babies are absolutely unforgettable. These videos have the potential to instantly lift people’s mood. As an example, this video shows a dog stealing a kiss from its pet parent. This happy video might have you grinning from ear to ear.

The video was posted on Twitter under the caption “Secret Kiss”. The clip opens to show a man lying on the floor with a dog sitting behind him. Moments later, the puppy crawls towards the pet parent.

Check out the video:

This video was posted a day ago. The video has gone viral since it was shared. So far, the clip has amassed over 4.9 million views and counting. The share further collects some likes and comments.

“So cute,” wrote one Twitter user. “There’s nothing better than a dog,” commented another. “It’s an honor to be loved by a dog,” wrote a third. “I don’t know where you can find all these great animal videos but please keep them going. I love them,” wrote a fourth.


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