The Cape May County Zoo needs your help naming two new toco toucans

Court of Cape May, New Jersey (WPVI) — The newest addition to the Cape May County Zoo needs names, and the zoo is asking for your help.

“Usually to see a toco toucan, you have to take an extended vacation in South America. It was an amazing experience to be able to see and work with them in Cape May County,” said Alexander Eng of Cape Town. Dr. Sturt said the Mei County Zoo veterinarian.

With the help of the Zoological Society of Cape May County, a new indoor/outdoor habitat was built for the two birds using funds donated by the public.

“It’s all about consciousness,” Dr. Ernst said. “We want to raise awareness about toucans in the wild because their habitat is very fragile. South American rainforests are under threat.”

These toucans are breeding pairs that have been deliberately chosen to pair. Cape May County Zoo officials want to see them reproduce successfully so they can contribute to the survival of the toucans in the wild.

Fans can help name the two birds by voting on the zoo’s website.

The leading contenders so far are Eva and Rafael, Coco and Java, or Frida and Diego.

To vote for your favorite name, visit:

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