The Best Treadmill Brands for Your At-Home Fitness Needs

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Treadmills are one of the most well-known fitness equipment. Whether you’re training at home, hitting the gym, or just wanting to work out in a hotel fitness center, there’s a treadmill somewhere near you.

There are many benefits to buying a treadmill for your home, and there are many options to choose from. Knowing what makes a good treadmill can help you feel confident in your purchase, allowing you to have more of your training essentials than an expensive coat rack.

To get you started on the right pace, we’ve compiled six brands to consider when looking for a new treadmill. From tech giants to simple machines designed for your stride, here are our picks for the best treadmill brands for you.

A quick note on treadmill specs

Before you start your pursuit of a new treadmill, first make sure you have enough space for this piece of exercise equipment. Most treadmills have a similar footprint—about 80 inches long and 35 inches wide. For added security – and to get a seat belt – you’ll also want to leave some empty space around the device. Consider these general numbers as you plan the location of the treadmill in your home or space.

Also, consider how you plan to use the treadmill for training. Do you sprint through your workout, or just take a walk in comfort to get your daily step count in? How you plan to use the treadmill can determine the appropriate running surface for your needs. Those who plan to only walk on the treadmill can opt for a shorter running surface, while users who want to pick up their pace should opt for a longer belt to suit their stride.

There are also technical and luxury components to consider, but these may vary depending on how comfortable and guided you wish to train. Now, let’s set the tempo and get to our list.

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NordicTrack has been a mainstay in fitness equipment fitness since 1975, and NordicTrack is a definite name when looking for a new treadmill. The brand’s line of home cardio essentials offers a plethora of features to suit any need, from guided training programs to high-definition touchscreens, automatic incline adjustment, and more.

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Editor’s Choice

Business 1750

  • 14″ tilt and swivel HD touchscreen for an immersive training experience
  • Multiple workout options via the iFit interactive personal training app
  • Parts and electronics only come with a two-year warranty
  • Setup and movement can be a multi-person effort

The Commercial 1750 is a favorite among treadmill enthusiasts, and for good reason. The latest version offers a huge 14-inch HD touchscreen and improved Wi-Fi connectivity. A 3.5 CHP motor powers the conveyor belt while keeping sessions quiet, too. On the pavement — or in this case, on the belt — and training unrestricted, this can’t miss a training staple.

An important quality to consider when looking for a treadmill is the ability to fold the running surface for improved storage. Sole is known for offering a wide variety of foldable treadmills that don’t skimp on quality. Seriously, these treadmills feel right at home in a commercial gym setting, just like in a living room or garage.

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  • 0-15% incline range for different workouts
  • Convenient tablet stand to store smart devices during use
  • Limited built-in workout routines
  • Handrails may be too short for some runners

The F80 is an excellent mid-range option with plenty of workout features for budding home fitness enthusiasts. Sync your running stats to your smart device with simple Bluetooth compatibility and enjoy every step on a premium cushioning system designed to reduce stress on your joints. Of course, the F80 neatly folds into a compact form factor for easier storage on days off.

Look, treadmills can really is an expensive investment. Thankfully, brands like Horizon Fitness exist, offering high-quality equipment that won’t break the bank. These no-frills treadmills offer simple machines that get the job done and are perfect for novice runners who don’t want to put a lot of effort into their first piece of equipment.

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Editor’s Choice

T303 treadmill

  • Perfect for casual jogging or walking
  • Lightweight frame folds easily for improved storage
  • Can only reach 12% incline
  • W3.0 HP motor is not as powerful as other options

Simple and effective, the T303 is the flagship of the Horizon Go line of affordable treadmills. A minimalist LCD screen provides essential workout metrics, while 3-zone variable-response cushioning provides ideal flex and support for all phases of your stride. Just jump on, get moving, and run without distractions.

Maybe you’re looking for an unassisted treadmill run where your stride is the only source of motivation. If a manual treadmill is your speed, then Assault Fitness is the way to go. Curved decks allow for a comfortable stride without a motor – think power saving!

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Editor’s Choice

AssaultRunner Pro

  • Heavier configuration files provide great stability at runtime
  • No electricity required
  • Changing pace takes more time due to belt weight
  • More expensive than traditional treadmills

Be your own power source with this motorless treadmill pick. The AssaultRunner Pro offers a low-impact design to help promote proper running form, and a high-contrast, UV-resistant console screen that provides many workout metrics, including time, calories burned, distance, speed, watts, and more. It’s more of an investment, but with a 150,00-mile belt warranty, this is a machine that’s ready to go a long way—without adding to your electric bill.

Feature-rich and offering premium components in every edition, ProForm is another respected brand when looking for a treadmill. The lineup is huge to meet any running need. Want the latest technology and instructional courses? ProForm got it. Want a runner with a smaller footprint and space saving? ProForm got it. Train with these high-efficiency treadmills for industry leaders.

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  • -3–12% slope range
  • Access to the iFit interactive personal training app
  • Some users are experiencing Wi-Fi connection issues
  • Can be noisy when training uphill or downhill

Whether you like to run, jog or walk, ProForm’s Pro 9000 has you covered. A clear, crisp 22-inch touchscreen provides plenty of data and training guidance. Need some air? With the built-in CoolAire workout fan, you can easily adjust levels at the touch of a button. When you’re not looking for a new best time, the Pro 9000 folds upright with the SpaceSaver design and EasyLift Assist.

When you’re running on a treadmill, you’re locked into that activity. But what if you could multitask while recording your daily steps? LifeSpan offers a variety of models, from everyday fitness to office treadmills and walking tables. If you want to keep your training energized throughout your workday, you can’t go wrong with LifeSpan’s lineup.

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Editor’s Choice

TR1200-DT7 Electric Treadmill Table

  • Yoga ball office chair included with purchase
  • Electronic control desktop height adjustment
  • Parts and electronics only come with a two-year warranty
  • Short running surfaces are not suitable for running

Add this great addition to any office space and put “work” in the workout. LifeSpan’s TR1200-DT7 offers tabletop widths from 38-60 inches to meet all your workday needs. A quiet 2.25-horsepower motor helps you keep your pace during multitasking workouts, while the integrated Intelli-Guard safety feature ensures that the treadmill only runs when you’re actively walking.

The 9 Best Treadmills for Every Space and Experience Level

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a premium upgrade, these treadmills are perfect for home use.

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