The 15 cheapest electric cars in Italy in 2022

Vincenzo Ronca

Electric cars constitute one of the fastest growing sectors of the automotive market worldwide. The boost to sales is also given by the numerous incentive programs, currently also launched in Italy for 2022. Fully electric (ie non-hybrid) cars are able to be independent of any form of fuel, and travel thanks to accumulation from energy in the batteries that integrate.

To date we find many models available on the Italian market, given that several manufacturers now offer them, and more and more will arrive in the years to come, given that from 2035 the sales in Europe of ICE (internal combustion) vehicles will cease. We are therefore still at the dawn of this market, both in terms of technologies and costs, so much so that the list price can easily represent a deterrent for many (net of the savings that can derive from the abandonment of fossil fuels and the various technologies of electric vehicles).

So let’s go see what it is the cheapest electric car for each of the main brands that we can find in the Italian market, in order to get a clearer idea of ​​the current situation. We stopped after 15 vehicles, or after 15 marks, just over 40,000 euros, which is already a figure that is difficult to label with “economic”, net of any incentives. The following list is already sorted by rising priceand updated to June 2022.



Dacia Spring

The Dacia Spring is the electric car currently cheapest ever in the Italian market. The list price starts from € 20,100. The range stands at 204 km on a single charge, the trunk offers 269 liters of volume while the overall length of the car stands at 3.73 meters.


Renault Twingo E-Tech Electric

The full electric from Renault has a list price starting from € 22,750. The car has a battery with a total capacity of 22 kWh, while the power stands at 82 hp. The maximum autonomy stands at 270 kmthe maximum speed is capable of being pushed up to 135 km / h.


Smart EQ fortwo

For the Smart EQ fortwo it takes € 25,210. The car offers a range that can vary between 147 and 159 km. With its charging technology it is possible to recharge 80% of the total capacity in 40 minutes. The electric powertrain corresponds to 82 hp and 160 Nm of torque.


Volkswagen e-Up!

For the fully electric model of the German house the list price starts from € 25,850. Autonomy is interesting and corresponds to 285 km. This refers to the city cycle, while on the motorway it goes down to around 150 km. The battery pack provides 82 hp, while the luggage compartment has a volume of 205 liters.


FIAT 500 Electric

The first fully electric car from the Turin-based company has a list price starting from € 27,300. The autonomy in the urban cycle corresponds to 240 kmwhile the maximum speed is electronically limited to 135 km / h. The 50 kW fast charge system that allows you to restore 50 km of autonomy in ten minutes.


Nissan Leaf

In this case the list price rises to € 32,200. Autonomy stands at well 385 kmwhile the trunk is generous and offers a volume of about 430 liters.


Opel Corsa-e

The Opel Corsa-e has a list price starting from € 33,400. Autonomy comes to 337 kmthe trunk has a volume of 267 liters.



The electric car of the Chinese house has a list price starting from € 33,490. Autonomy in the urban cycle stands at well 440 km.


Peugeot e-208

The electric car of the French company has a list price starting from € 34,050. The autonomy amounts to 340 km, while the battery pack is guaranteed for eight years and up to 160,000 km. With the domestic socket it takes 7 hours to recharge 100 km of autonomy, while it takes 27 hours for a full charge.


Mazda MX-30

The car has a list price starting from € 34,900. Autonomy stands at 200 kma full charge with a 22 kWh connector will take approximately 5.5 hours.


Citroën ë-C4

The electric car of the French company has a list price starting from € 36,400. The approved autonomy corresponds to 350 kmwhile the peak power at 136 hp with 260 Nm of torque.


Honda E

This price range is crowded, and we also find Honda’s electric car which has a list price starting from € 36,600. The autonomy corresponds to 200 kmwhile the peak power reaches 154 hp.


Mini Cooper SE

The Mini electric car has a list price starting from € 37,650. Autonomy fluctuates around 250 km, while the powertrain delivers 184 hp and 270 Nm of torque. The model is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 7.3 seconds and reaching 150 km / h.


Skoda Enyaq iV

Skoda’s electric car has a list price starting from € 38,000. Autonomy over the urban cycle stands at well 470 kmwhile the peak power reaches 148 hp.


Kia e-Niro

The electric SUV from Kia has a list price starting from € 42,700. The approved autonomy corresponds to 445 km, and the electric motor delivers 204 hp. The recharge times to have 80% of the autonomy with 100 kWh columns are around 40 minutes.

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