Tesla is revolutionizing batteries and it could change everything for all electric cars

news devices Tesla is revolutionizing batteries and it could change everything for all electric cars

A scientific article written by Tesla researchers imagines a battery that could last a century before its overall charging capacity is affected. If Tesla truly achieves this feat, it is a huge revolution for the entire electric vehicle sector and even for the entire technology market.

Tesla Invents A New Kind Of Batteries: Will They Soon Be In Elon Musk’s Electric Vehicles?

Today’s discovery comes to us from Tesla’s research and development teams led by Jeff Dahn in collaboration with a laboratory of researchers from Dalhousie University in Canada.

A research article that can bother a lot of things is called…Watch out:

Li(Ni0.5Mn0.3Co0.2)O2 as an excellent substitute for LiFePO4 for long life low voltage Li-Ion cells

By browsing through it and looking up trending articles (we assure you it’s tricky), we can summarize them The main thing to remember for ordinary humans.

  • A slightly different chemical formula than the one currently used in our batteries results in a much higher storage density, and therefore a much longer life.
  • This new chemical structure is a mixture of nickel, cobalt, manganese and lithium, like what was already done on Alleged NMC batteries.
  • the difference ? We use another type of lithium, which is Lithium LiFSIand add some graphite Absolutely.
  • According to the research team’s first tests, a battery with NMC . technology can be used At 100% capacity for about 100 years
  • … provided that it is maintained at a temperature 25 degrees.

Staying within a maximum of 25 degrees is challenging, but not impossible; Cooling techniques are constantly improving. Thanks to active cooling, this will be a feat It can be achieved today.

Battery life problem: a huge environmental burden

Electric vehicles are often promoted as an environmentally friendly alternative. Even if the advantages of electricity were many, it would still be naive to act as if it were the miracle solution to transportation pollution.

We will not list all the environmental limits that electric cars can impose, that is not the purpose of this article. Let’s focus on today’s topic: batteries.

Li-ion batteries are by far the most efficient in the world.

These Li-ion batteries are based primarily on a metal: lithium. Many alternatives have been sought, but Nothing beats lithium to store energy.

Tesla is revolutionizing batteries and it could change everything for all electric cars

The demand for lithium is increasing on a global scale, and given the development of the electric vehicle sector, it is not ready to stop. Then two environmental problems arise:

  • The reserves of lithium in the world are not unlimited.. We should have enough by 2050 but certainly not by 2100.
  • especially: Extracting 1 ton of lithium requires the emission of 15 tons of carbon dioxide, a huge water consumption and a distortion of the wonderful landscapes of South America.

All this not to mention the other minerals needed to make Li-ion batteries, such as cobaltwhich also raises similar concerns … to which the problematic situation of . must be added Congolese miners.

As a reminder, today, the battery is only effective for twenty years at best.

With batteries able to withstand a century in electric cars of the future, but also in future laptops or smartphones, the environmental impact of the technology will be significantly reduced. If after that recycling happens, that would be great.

Finally, note that batteries are the main limit of second hand market In terms of technology products, it will be developed, which will be beneficial for the bank account as well as doing good for the planet.

Tesla is revolutionizing batteries and it could change everything for all electric cars

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