Swimming Dogs Swim in Funky Outfits

She is the embodiment of “Beach body ready”.

Carol, which is basically the best name for a dog, is a super stylish pup who gets swim therapy for her elbow dysplasia. TikTok user @pawstoswim is a spa facility that allows dogs to swim for hydrotherapy, healing and pure fun. They recently posted an adorable video of Carol enjoying some water sports.

Check out Carol and her stunning swimwear here and prepare to fall in love!

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TikTok users love her, love Carol and her super cute swimwear. @Malia posted, “My heart can’t handle the cuteness of this!” @Angeladunn said, “I love you Carol, you’re doing a great job.” @Samntharae added, “Slaying Carol all day long. ’ @JanGamoa commented, ‘This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. We just can’t get enough of her!

Swimming is a great low-impact exercise for dogs and can help those experiencing pain from walking or running. Plus, if they can look good like Carol while doing it, that’s a bonus!

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