‘Stranger Things’: Noah Schnapp Weighs Queer Theory

Noah Schnapp wasn’t ready to label Will’s sexuality. “He’s just confused and growing up. That’s what it’s like to be a kid.”

Is Stranger Things turning into a possible upcoming story?

The hit Netflix tween sci-fi series returned for season 4 last week, with audiences speculating that fan favorite Will (Noah Schnapp) might be queer. The role has been at the center of debate, from Will’s science project on gay mathematician Alan Turing to rejecting female classmates’ role advancement.

While Will’s relationship with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) never turned romantic, maybe Will and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) really are a “stranger” couple . Or are we completely upside down?

Schnapp told Variety in a recent interview with co-star Millie Bobby Brown that when it comes to his character’s sexuality, the Duffer brothers “never really addressed the issue or spoke out about Will. what is it like”.

“I think that’s the beauty of it, it’s up to the audience to interpret if it’s Will who refuses to grow up and grows slower than his friends, or if he’s really gay,” Schnapp said. “I find that people do reach out and label him, just wondering, very bad, like, ‘Oh, this is it.’ He’s just confused and growing up. That’s what it means to be a kid.”

Schnapp and his peers likened Will to “the zebra on the horse field.” “He kind of sticks out. It’s great to see that and show it on Stranger Things to allow fans to connect and connect with it. Because a lot of our viewers are kids at that stage in their lives ,”He says.

Co-star Brown added that the actors “don’t have to label things” when it comes to the sexuality of their characters. “I think what’s really good about Will’s character is that he’s just a guy going through his own demons and problems,” Brown said. “It’s okay to have so many kids out there who don’t know. It’s okay not to know. It’s okay not to label things.”

Brown continued, “Noah has a fantastic role to play as a role model for kids who don’t know what they’ve been through growing up.”

Digital Spy recently asked co-star Wolfhard if Will’s feelings for his friend Mike were “moving toward a more endearing, genuine, romantic relationship,” to which Wolfhard replied, “Yes. I think you’ll be slowing down throughout the season. To discover Will’s love for Mike, I think it’s a very beautiful thing.”

Wolfhard noted that the friendship on Mike’s side “may exist mutual understanding and acceptance.”

Co-star David Harbour has previously stated that Will isn’t interested in Eleven, but has another crush. “He’s interested in the rest of the team,” Harbour hinted.

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