Stephen Curry’s epic clapping on Brian Windhorst’s ‘Checkbook Win’ comment

Stephen Curry is watching, listening and taking notes.

He didn’t respond immediately. Instead, he waited for the perfect moment, like winning his fourth NBA championship in eight years.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst called it out after Andrew Wiggins stepped up and led Golden State to victory after the Warriors’ Game 5 victory over the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals “Checkbook Victory”. Windhorst later clarified his comments on “The Morning Roast” on 95.7 The Game the next day, explaining that he meant a compliment.

Well, Curry heard it and responded after winning the championship and Finals MVP in Game 6 at TD Garden on Thursday night.

“I’ve heard people talking about some of the . . . yes, ‘checkbook wins’ and all that stuff,” Curry said on “NBA TV” after the game. “Like, yes, because it started with a core group of champions and real winners and the belief that we could beat that. And now here we are.”

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That comes from a player who called himself “Little King” in an interview with reporters on Wednesday. Yes, check it out.

When Stephen responded, he certainly knew how to respond in style.

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