Stefan Plaza cracks and finally lifts the veil on her sexual orientation!

It’s been a while since the real estate agent and star host of M6 has kept a secret about his personal life. No one really knows if he likes women or men or both… This is the archetype of the person we see all the time without really knowing who he is.

A key figure in the Pakistan Air Force

To be present on various programs such as “Find an apartment or house”, “House for sale”, “Apartment hunters”, M6 viewers know very well Stéphane Plaza. The success of his programs made him a major figure in the channel.

Last year, he was considered the favorite animator of the French. At the end of 2021, when our colleagues from Figaro called him to respond to this growing popularity, he replied that he was living it as a daydream.

“It’s a daydream. I’m obviously happy, I’m obviously moved, I’m obviously still shedding some tears…This time, I’m going to rest a bit. I really want to rest, recharge my battery and come back with a lot of positive energy to be able to defend this.” Title “.

Real estate agent, presenter and comedian in his spare time

On television as in his daily life, Stefan Plaza is a real estate agent. We can also say that it has achieved success in this field since it currently has 600 real estate agencies in France. In addition to his work on television, he also happens to venture out on the boards.

In fact, Stéphane Plaza is currently standing alongside Janvi Janssens and Valerie Meris, on the bill for Laurent Roquier’s play A Magical Couple. Regardless, we’ve already seen it in “Left When Leaving Elevator” and “Fuse”. Also promoting this new play, M6’s main presenter split an interview with the Sunday newspaper.

He’s not one who brags about his private life

As usual, there is often a question of privacy in this type of interview. Classmate Karen Le Marchand has never been comfortable when it comes to talking openly about his personal life. And that is, even if it is not uncommon to see France’s most famous real estate agent tempting men and women on television. This is the habit that prompted Télé 7 jours to ask him about his orientation.

“I’m happy, but not in the PACS! Understand who he wants. Those who don’t understand may go on saying I’m gay or gay, but I don’t mind. I have neither to deny nor to assert,” replied that year.

The one we’ve never seen appear in public with his girlfriend or boyfriend went so far as to say he wanted to be careful about these issues.

“I am in love with life. But I would say ‘passionate’ rather. Some would rather know if I was in love with life, not life, but I decided not to answer anymore. When we talk about his private life, it is immediately recounted, engraved in stone, and even disfigured … better ignore it.”

A relative of Karen Le Marchand

Karen Le Marchand and Stephen Plaza are good friends. During the health crisis, while there was work in his apartment, the two main hosts of M6 lived together in the same apartment. They are so close that they announced that if one of them left the channel, the other would leave sooner.

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So, is Stephen Plaza gay?

This year, the premium M6 slots are over. In fact, he lifted the veil on part of the mystery into the microphone of our colleague from Journal du dimanche. From now on, the general public is aware of their orientation.

“I find it crazy for people to ask this kind of question about me. Well, I’m saying it for the first time: I’m heterosexual. That’s it,” he finally admitted.

This revelation isn’t trivial, though, as it’s the first time the 51-year-old host has spoken out about his preferences. Until then, many people have speculated about its direction. This revelation seemed so surprising that most of the major media outlets have reported the information in the last hours.

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