Sofía Vergara Shapes Her Abs in Sheer Corset in IG Pic

  • Sofía Vergara just shared a photo on Instagram of her wearing a sheer corset that shows off her incredibly strong core.
  • In this photo, the 50-year-old actress looks very strong and confident as she takes a selfie in the mirror of what appears to be her wardrobe.
  • Sofía loves doing butt-sculpting exercises with her trainer and often does incline walking on the treadmill.

Sofía Vergara has been busy creating a festive mood this year, and she’s not afraid to let the world know.This America’s Got Talent The 50-year-old star shared a closet selfie that showed off her strong core in a sexy sheer corset from MÔNOT. She also hinted in her caption that she might be rolling it out again this holiday season.

“🎄🎄 @monot🩱,” she captioned the photo. Of course, her followers and friends adored the bold look. Hairstylist Jess Elbaum commented: “Yes! I love that top. Keep it for me 😍.” Actress Carina left Sofia with a simpler, straightforward message: “🔥😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥 .”

If you’re wondering how she stays so strong at 50, the first thing you should know is that Sofia absolutely makes time for the gym. Last month, she shared a video of herself using a compression band and performing a serious leg lift and pulse workout. “Monday torture! 🏋️ All @walmartfashion ❤️❤️🌟🌟,” she captioned the video.

In another workout video, Sofía strapped on some weights around her ankles for more glute work, while wearing an adorable matching workout set from her Walmart collection.

When she’s not working out by herself, Sofía works out with her trainer, Jennifer Yates, she tells Marie Claire The actress’s workouts are grueling, including time on high-incline treadmills.

“She doesn’t like running, sometimes she does 15 minutes on a spinning bike, but she prefers to walk on high inclines,” Yates told the outlet. If you want to reproduce this yourself, Yates recommends walking anywhere between a 6% and 8% incline, and at a pace where you feel “a little out of breath, but you’re not jogging.” Sounds a lot like those 12-3-30 TikTok walks that have become famous lately. It’s clear that Sofía and Yates are on to something.

“A couple of times, we do upper body and abs. The sit-ups are great,” Yates added. “During red carpet season, we do a lot of upper body and abs — planks are great, too.” But mostly, Sofia likes to work her glutes, Yates tells Marie Claire They do glute exercises twice a week. One particular move she likes? squat down. “She’ll sit in a chair and stand up, squeezing her glutes as she stands up,” says Yates.

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While she’s pumping up those bum workouts, Sophia sticks to the “everything in moderation” approach…and she clearly has a sweet tooth.

“My biggest temptation, the thing I can’t live without, has to be cake,” she told people“I always have cake at home. I try to only have it Friday through Sunday, but, of course, it doesn’t always work out…I really work out so I can give in to temptation and eat Cake. My workout motto is “No Pain, No Cake! “

I love it, Sophia!

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