Smash Bros. Ultimate is rocked by its own wave-rushing moment

That horrible character from those horrible Disney games hit poor Bowser.

screenshot: Nintendo

super smash bros final Fans are obsessed with ranking the game’s wide-ranging, crossover video game characters in level lists. The tier list is constantly changing to reflect changes in the game’s metadata, caused by balance updates released by Nintendo, and players looking for new technologies.This smash The community recently discovered a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize game metadata: the slingshot.

Nintendo releases final character balance patch final Last December ended the game’s regular updates that help keep the competitive scene dynamic and respond to issues discovered by certain characters. But that hasn’t stopped players from discovering new technologies on their own, and those discoveries are constantly changing the game’s metadata — a term used to describe the best technologies top players use in competitive gaming. The latest to rewrite how people approach the game is the slingshot.

On the surface, the slingshot is a simple mechanism. for the slingshot, smash The player pushes the analog stick all the way to the left or right to sprint, then back down or up in the opposite direction. Then, the player usually uses jumping. This can be used to quickly glide across the ground, and allows for attacks or other movement options.

For example, players can attack and move backwards quickly while facing forward, which makes certain moves safer against opponents.This technique gives players more movement options and additional complexity, reminiscent of a wave sprint Super Smash Bros. Melee, which clearly differentiates the top players from the rest.Previously, the final According to the player who discovered Slingshot and coined the term, the community only knew the mechanics at a very basic level, not realizing how much depth and complexity there was if pursued further.

This player is GimR, president and co-founder of VG BootCamp, the largest source of competitive videos on Twitch streamers and YouTube smash bros championship.He unveiled the technology to the public May 6 YouTube videobut not without some form of preamble hype April 24 Trailer and Video from May 3rd Professional gamers’ reactions to new technology out of context. GimR said he stumbled upon the technology while playing in the game’s training mode. “Everything is like there, but it’s not obvious,” GimR said in a May 6 video.

GimR named the move he discovered Slingshot.

screenshot: GimR/YouTube

“I really believe this can change the metadata,” GimR continued. “But as final Players, you have to be willing to be patient with things that you can’t implement into the game all at once.This is not a 1:1 comparison, but requires Melee Players take a long time to keep swinging the sprint, and they roll with their punches until they get it right. “

But is GimR right to see how much this will change the way top players compete? Professional players and fans have been playing with the technology and uploading their results and thoughts on YouTube and other social media platforms. GimR personally reviews the compilation of slingshot combos and echoes what pros have to say about the technology, like the best ESAM in the world final player of Pokémon Character Pikachu.

At the beginning of ESAM May 11 Video Regarding the slingshot with Pikachu, he said the new mechanic was “relatively useful” for Pikachu, noting new tricks such as a new quick way to throw electric bullets called Thunder Jolts while quickly moving away from opponents . GimR uploaded a response video Four days later, more Pikachu technology was shown, and exist response to this response, ESAM admits he missed or underestimated certain Pikachu slingshot techniques. A GimR slingshot technique that allows Pikachu to quickly dodge and punish a very fast move, like the Squirtle shield, and then quickly use a forward air attack, particularly impressed ESAM.

ESAM Check out GimR's new slingshot technology on YouTube.

screenshot: ESAM / YouTube

It is worth noting that the slingshot mechanic convinced the best in the world final Player MKLeo picked up Role Another character clown. MKLeo had a dominant streak with the Joker shortly after releasing the character as DLC in April 2019, much to its convincing final The community considers him one of the top figures.In the past year or two, he has mainly played Fire Emblem character Bereth, but this new approach keeps seducing him.

“Started playing The Joker after Slingshot was released, made the character interesting for me again, and decided I was going to play him again,” MKLeo wrote In the description for YouTube’s new Joker game compilation on May 23.

It’s unclear if this will translate to MKLeo’s regular tournament Joker use, but the video has fans excited, including Jim.

Players noticed that Zelda The character Sheik seems to benefit particularly from the early implementation of the slingshot.the best final Sheik player VoiD uploaded some YouTube videos with gameplay implementing the slingshot mechanic, including May 10 Video “This slingshot doesn’t work.” Watching VoiD play Sheik, a graceful and complex character who requires skill to do anything at a high level, is a joy, and now with a slingshot, a sight to behold.

“Sheik shouldn’t be moving like this,” VoiD wrote in the video’s description.

may take a long time final Fans are wondering how much of an impact the slingshot mechanic will have, but, while it’s hard to say how much it will, it will definitely change the metadata to some extent.

smash After all, meta is always changing.Throughout the week of May 9, popular streaming and smash Player Hungrybox posted his latest final The rank list is divided into five parts and is published once a day.He calls this his “final” level list due to the end of Nintendo’s character balance patch, but the video series begins three days after GimR’s launch of the Slingshot, and four days later amazing performance and my world Character Steve from player Acola, not related to slingshots.

Hungrybox commented last videoin response to those wondering if his “final” rank list is outdated,

“Given the changes in recent editions, it’s good to know that Steve’s place on my personal list has changed since this week. However, this video series was recorded about a month ago, before Acola’s recent results and Slingshot. Steve is definitely a top character in my eyes anyway! So while this is the final patch…it doesn’t mean the meta is over.”

then for his next YouTube upload, he reacts to the slingshot clip. They blew him away. “Pros have been using slingshots since GIMR [gave] His breakdown on how to do this, we see big things! ” he is May 14 Video describe. “Safe antennas, crazy obfuscation and waving in Smash Ultimate!!! That’s right, it’s all here.”


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