sixth edition for ‘Parks in Motion’

In the cool of the morning and evening hours, immersed in the green of the municipal parks, the open-air sport of ‘Parchi in Movimento’ 2022 returns for the sixth edition: the initiative organized by the Municipality of Castelfranco di Sotto in collaboration with the Uisp Committee Zona Cuoio and with the patronage of Sst Azienda Usl Toscana Centro.

The activities are carried out safely and completely free of charge. It is over two months of motor activity: the program runs from 20 June to 29 July 2022 and includes lessons of various types, to offer a different choice and meet everyone’s needs: yoga, gentle gymnastics, aerobics & toning and pilates courses coordinated by Uisp accredited teachers. The project aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and highlight the benefits that physical activity in the open air has on the body, especially after a long period spent at home with limited movements and a sedentary lifestyle.

“By now ‘Parks in Motion’ has become a much awaited event in the area – said Mayor Gabriele Toti and the Councilor for Sport Federico Grossi – after yet another season of limitations and closures, return to outdoor sports and in a totally free formula it is truly a unique opportunity to relax and be together. A great way to make our municipal green areas live and reactivate the sociability that we missed so much in the winter months. All activities are financially supported by the municipal administration with its own resources. Thanks to Uisp Zona Cuoio for the collaboration and support that this year they will guarantee with their professionalism “.

“We are happy to have won the tender for the management of the 6th edition of Parks in Motion, the third consecutive with the Uisp management. After the first two years in the midst of the pandemic, finally this year the Covid pressure is a bit ‘ – added Antonio Bottai, president of Uisp Territorial Committee Zona del Cuoio Aps – always respecting the regulations in force, the management of activities should be a little more peaceful for everyone. This is because, as we know very well, physical activity is a panacea both physically and mentally, and it is also a good moment to get together, hoping that this is truly the restart at 360 degrees for the whole sport “.

How and where to participate

Sports activities will take place in public parks and gardens: the Galilei Park on Viale 2 giugno in Castelfranco, the park in the Coop area (Via Alfieri / Via Camerini), the multipurpose track next to the Palazzetto in Orentano (P.zza Casini), the park of Piazza Franceschini (via Pertini) also in Castelfranco.

To participate in the courses it is mandatory to book in the following ways: contact Uisp Zona del Cuoio Aps by calling tel. 0571/480104 or cell. 3929818534 (also via WhatsApp message) indicating name and surname, course, place, day, time. Uisp Headquarters opening from Monday to Friday from 15 to 19. Info tel. 0571/480104 or cell. 3929818534.

– Parco Galilei (avenue 2 June)
Aerobics & Toning: Monday – Wednesday 19-20
– multipurpose track (via Bachelet)
Gentle Gymnastics – Afa
Monday – Wednesday – Friday 8.30-9.30
– Piazza Franceschini (via Pertini)
Yoga: Wednesday – Friday 7.15pm – 8.15pm
– Coop area park (via Alfieri / via Camerini)
Pilates: Tuesday – Thursday 19.30-20.30

-Green area / multipurpose track (piazza Casini)
Aerobics & Toning: Wednesday – Friday 19.30-20.30
Gentle Gymnastics – Afa: Tuesday – Thursday 8.30-9.30
Yoga: Tuesday – Thursday 19.30-20.30
Pilates: Monday 19.30-20.30


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