Shocking revelations about the failure of ASSE

He noted for years, management of AS Saint-Etienne ended up costing him his place in Ligue 1 at the worst of times.

This means when the club can be sold, especially when the Ligue 1 goes to 18 clubs and thus reduces the number of potential promotions next season. But apart from this reality that ASSE will have to contend with in the coming weeks, the way this relegation punishes the second part of the season for the Greens is sending shivers down my spine.

In a very long article that traces the last 123 days that precipitated the descent of Saint-Etienne, Bernard Lyons hands the shovels saved so far, even if some episodes have already erupted in recent months. The list is endless and highlights the Greens’ amazing hobby, their coach’s lack of humility, and disastrous human management, not to mention the fans’ unhelpful behavior.

Amazon ASSE pictures well

All this could be the subject of a documentary, but perhaps not in the intended sense. Amazon already offered to do a documentary at the end of the ASSE season, only to find the “drama” of the maintenance of Toulouse by Pascal Dubras in 2016. Saint-Etienne’s leaders have always defended themselves from putting this project in place with Amazon, yet Bernard Lyons cries a lie, He claims that Amazon filmed until the end to be able to air these sequences, before the Greens came down to destroy everything. Another lie, while ASSE President, Roland Romeyer is accused of not keeping his promise not to use Bernardoni and Thioub, on loan from Angers, against SCO, which caused great tension during the match between the two teams.

At the time, Saint-Étienne climbed the rankings and Pascal Dubras bulged in the chest, thinking about celebrating maintenance in the Coupe, his future contract, and ditching rivals like coaches Clermont and Bordeaux in particular. Savoir will come to fight with Andre Monteiro, David Guillon’s assistant, backstage at Stade Bordeaux. But obviously, with the technician as with the players, the mindset wasn’t there to save themselves. Roman Houma seriously injured his hand by hitting him with a punching bag during Wahbi Khazri’s birthday, and Mehdi Kamara takes his young colleague in a boxing bag after an argument between the latter and the mother of Captain Al-Khader.

Khazri asks for a retention bonus

Despite these bleak situations, players do not forget to think about their rewards. Khazri dares to ask for a maintenance bonus before the last day and match in Nantes, which the administration refuses, preferring to allocate this money to club employees. Maintenance will not be there, all in front of an empty platform due to part suspension of Geoffroy-Guichard. The Green Angels preferred to light multiple smoke bombs and boycott the match against Monaco to celebrate the anniversary. Fans who managed to win back the titles of the players or their boss Roland Romeyer, inviting him to “cross the road”. This sign placed on his house very starkly indicated the leader of Saint-Etienne’s need to live in exchange for a cemetery. From now on, all we bury is ASSE, and it’s hard to spot decent behavior in this dark story.

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