Shane macgowan: Pogues singer Shane MacGowan’s latest health update: ‘He’ll be fine for sure,’ says wife Victoria Mary Clarke

Shane MacGowan’s wife, Victoria Mary Clarke, provided an update on the Pogues frontman’s condition after he was hospitalized last Friday.

Victoria Clarke announced the singer’s hospitalization on Twitter on Monday. In an interview with a news organization, she gave an update on his health, asking supporters not to “get too anxious” and that she was “trusted that he will be fine”.

Victoria Clarke posted another update yesterday, thanking fans who sent well wishes to the former Pogues bandleader. “He is being treated for the infection and doctors are optimistic about his recovery,” she added. “I am very grateful to them and to all of you.”

Shane MacGowan has been plagued by on and off health issues over the past decade, including a fractured pelvis in 2015 that left him using a wheelchair and left him with chronic mobility challenges. After years of oral health and dental issues, he had a new set of teeth and titanium implants installed in his jaw that same year. The following year, Shane MacGowan was admitted to hospital with hip discomfort aggravated by pneumonia.

Shane MacGowan described his day in an interview with The Spectator earlier this year to promote his debut novels Eternal Hum and Pot of Gold, in which he Said it all started when he “waked up in a gorgeous hospital bed in his apartment”.

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“I’m not a morning person, but I’m happy to be up because I’m happy to be alive.” The beautiful paramedics came and helped me out of bed and into a lime green chair. “Usually, someone is trying to convince me to do or say something,” Shane MacGowan added.

“Sometimes people come to visit us, or we go out to dinner, or I end up in the hospital. If I don’t end up in the hospital, I thank Jesus, His Lady, and all the saints and angels,” the singer said.

common problem:

  1. Who is Sean McGowan?
    He is the lead singer and songwriter of the Celtic punk band The Pogues.
  2. What happened to Shane MacGowan’s teeth?
    He lost his last natural tooth sometime around 2008.

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