SFR guarantees that it does not limit the internet speed of very greedy fiber-optic subscribers, but there is a problem

On Twitter, an SFR user shared a strange SMS message sent to him by the operator. The latter tells him that after his excessive consumption of the Internet, his speed will be limited to 10 MB / s. In response, SFR claims to be not the author of this letter. However, the displayed number is already used by the operator.

May 31, 2022 update:

After leaving the subscriber unanswered for several hours, SFR finally responded to the latter’s tweet. According to the operator, and as many readers have indicated to us in the comments, the message received will simply be SPAM. In fact, he explains it “IOfficial communication from [ses] Services are carried out from the number 1023 So ask “Don’t think about these SMS and don’t click on any possible link”.

SFR has also contacted us to let us know “There is no consumption limit on persistent internet usage. We are not the source of the misleading text message referred to in an isolated Twitter account.” However, it is still difficult to separate right from wrong in this matter.

Contrary to what SFR claims, the number 38948 is actually used by the operator to send SMS to its subscribers, as many subscribers also indicated. Moreover, it seems strange that this “spam” does not seek to extract confidential information from the person in question, or redirect them to a phishing page.

May 30, 2022 article:

Is SFR still guilty of questionable business practices? After regular increases in its mobile packages and recently being condemned by tax authorities after implementing a very high value-added tax, there is a new case that risks further tarnishing the image of the operator. On Twitter, user @Hamster_I has shared a screenshot of a text message sent by their carrier. The least we can say is that the latter delivers bad news.

Thus, SFR informs its subscribers that it has noticed a “abnormal use” of their internet consumption, “Maybe decompose.” [son] network and harm SFR subscribers” It is located in the vicinity. So a sudden decision was made: Tweet embed You will see his internet speed is restricted to 10MB/s “Until the first day of the following month after consuming 3 TB.” to which the concerned manager responded by immediately terminating his contract.

SFR reduces internet speed for excessively greedy subscribers for no reason

In fact, SMS stipulates that this penalty shall be applied according to Offer Terms The subscriber, who also use the SFR box 8X, the latest from the operator, signed up for it. Problem: At no time did the contract in question mention the possibility of limiting its speed after excessive consumption of the Internet.

As Univers Freebox reports, we could then consider a 4 Box subscription or even an unlimited 4G/5G subscription, but again things don’t last. Both provide for flow reduction of “Over 200 GB until the next billing date” and not more than 3 TB as mentioned in the SMS received by the user.

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On the other hand, mobile plans specify that the “Customer will be notified by SMS of his unreasonable use” If the issue arises. But in his series of tweets, the Tweet embeds It determines that it is using its Internet box well to consume the data indicated by the SFR. In any case, even mobile phone plans do not threaten any potential restrictions. For now, the puzzle is complete.


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