Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t quarrel with Kim Catroll

like that… The first season ended in February, but revolved around Sex and the City Rebooting somehow continues to unfold.Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in hollywood reporterof Awards chatter The podcast was another opportunity to discuss decades-old beef with Kim Cattrall, who didn’t reprise her role as Samantha in the reboot.

since the last season Sex and the City, rumours of a feud between Parker and Catrol have been swirling, which they have both denied.after two Sex and the City The movie, plans for a third part fell through largely because, as Cattrall has publicly stated, she doesn’t want to return to the franchise. Her former cast felt differently, with tabloids claiming Cattrall made unreasonable contract demands that prevented the film from progressing.Catrol’s conspicuous absence like that… sparked more speculation about what was going on behind the scenes, she suggested in an interview last month type She was glad she wasn’t involved. “This series is basically the third film,” she said. “That’s the idea of ​​it.”

Parker leaves for Cattrall on June 2 podcast International Trade Center Universe, said it was the studio’s fault, not Catrol’s, that the third film was canceled. “The studio … was not comfortable meeting where she wanted to meet,” Parker said, stressing that “every actor has the right to ask for it” and that it was “none of my business.” “Are we disappointed? Of course,” she said. “But it happened.”

Parker has vehemently denied that she contributed to any feud with Cattrall. “In my life, I’ve never had a quarrel with anyone I’ve worked with,” she said. “I have no public controversy, spat, conversation or accusation. In fact, there is already someone talking. And I’m not going to tell her not to.”

Although she claimed it was “very difficult” to talk about the situation, Parker has not been silent on the matter. In 2018, she called Cattrall’s allegations a International Trade Center The team has been “extremely distressed” and unkind to her, and said in a separate interview that she was “just heartbroken” at what happened. It wasn’t long before she joked that Ellen DeGeneres should be playing Samantha in the next iteration. International Trade Center. near the end AJLTWhen the first season aired, she and her cast began discussing Samantha Gate in interviews, and they mostly insisted they never wanted or expected Catrol to join the reboot’s party line. “She made it clear that it wasn’t something she wanted to pursue,” Parker reiterated ECG, claiming “we didn’t expect” to lend a hand. “That’s not bashing her, that’s just learning.” She said the cast and crew “feel comfortable moving on without her.”

Obviously, though, no one wants to continue talking about this whole debacle. Maybe we can get a moment of peace before the second season arrives?

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