Sangita Patel wows fans with inspiring fitness challenge

Sangita Patel shared an inspiring workout video on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/sangita.patel)

Sangita Patel is back with another fitness challenge.

On Tuesday, the “ET Canada” host shared a video of her working out with her 145,000 followers on Instagram.

In the clip, she does a deadlift workout, along with an inspirational message saying that working out is her “therapy.”

The 43-year-old also recorded a video of the woman speaking into a microphone, saying: “Can you stop posting pictures of you lifting weights on your Insta stories because no one cares,” before filming herself lifting two heavy plate.

On-screen, Patel explained that her weekly workout videos are meant to inspire others — “especially women.”

“Ha! Nope. Fitness Tuesday will be forever!” she captioned the post. “Man, I can’t believe I started using this hashtag about eight years ago and to this day it brings me so much joy, you’re touched.”

“I just want to motivate myself,” she added. “Exercising has changed the way I look at life, both mentally and physically. It’s my therapy.”

Fans love Patel’s impressive strength and her commitment to #FitnessTuesday.

“We love your consistency! Keep it up,” one Instagram user commented. “And you lift it up very well!”

“Women keep motivating women! Come on sister!” wrote another.

“Of course please keep sharing! It’s so important for us women, especially brown women, to see this display of strength, beauty and talent!” someone else chimed in.

One fan added: “Yes please keep sharing! You are inspiring!”

“This is superhero power to me! Never stop posting,” another commented.

The mother-of-two took part in an “exciting” fitness challenge with husband Samir Patel on a beach in Mexico last month.

As the video begins, another couple completes the challenge before moving on to the Canadian duo to try it out for themselves.

“We get it,” read the text on the screen as Patel attempted to jump onto her husband’s shoulders. “Well, maybe not.”

“Shock,” she added after finally nailing it.

“Yeah, you know I can’t leave at the beach without accepting the challenge,” the TV host wrote on the post, before thanking her fans for sending her the challenge. “Tried it a few times and laughed a lot.”

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