River City Girls 2 Has New Release Dates In North America And Europe

Image: WayForward, Arc System Works

renew [Tue 6th Dec, 2022 21:35 GMT]: After reassuring fans last week about the upcoming River City Girls 2 release date, WayForward today announced the official release date for the highly anticipated sequel – December 15th!

After confirming the news on Twitter, the company announced that the game will be slightly delayed. At least only for a few weeks! So we don’t have to wait long to experience a brand new action flick with River City Girls.

source article [Tue 6th Dec, 2022 02:25 GMT]: WayForward’s new beat ’em up River City Girls 2 was apparently supposed to hit the West, but it appears to have been delayed slightly.

If you’re wondering what happened to this sequel, Arc System Works and WayForward just need “a little more time” to deliver the best and “most fully-featured experience possible.”

The plan is still to release the game in the West before the end of the year, with a date to be announced soon. The game has been released in Japan. Here’s the full update from WayForward’s official Twitter account:

In related news, the first generation of Jiangcheng Girls is the latest Switch Online demo from December 6th to 12th. If you participate in this trial, you will receive 100 MyNintendo Platinum points. The first game is also currently half price on the Switch eShop.


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