Rewarded after rescuing six people from a devastating fire

Brendan and Spuds (Image: National Cat Awards)

You might think your cat is the best thing in the world, but you, my friend, have never met Spuds.

A cat from Newry who saved six people from a house fire is now being recognised for that bravery.

Owned by Brendan Curran, this heroic pet was nominated in the Most Caring Cat category at the National Cat Awards run by Cats Protection.

Spuds started his journey as a wanderer, but was taken in by the Currans. In hindsight, it was a stroke of genius, as the Spuds would go on to save their lives years later.

His CV reads: “The ex-stray potato may have saved six lives – including a newborn baby – when deadly smoke engulfed the home when he raised the alarm on Christmas Eve.

“This quick-thinking kitten kept jumping on its owner Brendan’s chest to wake him up as it dripped overnight fat from the turkey, creating a plume of smoke.”

Spuds isn’t the only super cat in his category.

Next to him is Archie, who comforts her while his master is on dialysis, while Misty helps her human recover from PTSD.

Archie and Maddie's cat

Archie and Maddy (Image: National Cat Awards)

Archie’s resume says: “For 23 years, kidney patient Maddy has required life-saving dialysis to remove deadly toxins from her body. Five times a week, she is hooked up to a machine for up to seven hours – all within her under the close supervision of his dialysis partner, Archie.

‘Archie knows when Maddy needs room to insert the needle before jumping up to hug and accompany her for a long time to come.

Misty’s resume is equally inspiring.

It read: “As a teenager, Coral was bedridden and unable to walk due to distressing conditions. But she always had a faithful friend by her side – Misty.

Photo of coral and cat Misty

Coral and Misty the cat (Image: National Cat Awards)

“When Coral learned to walk again, Misty would show up whenever she heard Coral’s cane – a friendly face cheering her on. Six years on, Coral suffers from PTSD, but Misty was there to calm her down.

The awards ceremony took place on 4 August at the Savoy Hotel in London.

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