Questions over Stringer’s fitness as Bombers release update on groin injury

Jack Stringer is on a revised program due to groin discomfort and is expected to return to full training in the new year.

The electric Essendon midfielder’s 2022 season has been punctuated by a number of issues, despite playing the final 11 games of the year.

He dealt with a groin injury late in the season, which is understood to still hold him back.

New Essendon performances General manager Daniel McPherson acknowledged Stringer had a lot of work to do but said the early signs had encouraged the 28-year-old.

“Yeah, everything is fine with Jack, he had some issues with his groin at the end of the season and he’s been working on that in the offseason,” McPherson – who was appointed in early November – told morning.

“What’s impressive about Jack is that he’s here much earlier than he needs or has been asked to be. The first official day he was supposed to be back was yesterday, but we’ve seen a lot over the last three or four weeks. to him.

“He’s trying to get up to speed and obviously we don’t need him for the next three to four weeks and we’re looking at longer game time for Jack.

“He’s got some work to do but he’s doing well so far.”

Stringer is also battling a hamstring injury through 2022, and he played in 15 games that season.

2022 is a down year for Stringer from the previous year. The former Bulldog won eight votes with some game-changing performances in the final nine rounds of 2021, but hasn’t had the same impact this past year.

Port Adelaide 300 player Kane Cornes said Stringer’s size could be the reason star Bomber wasn’t playing to his full potential.

“He just looked too heavy. I said it a lot, I said it a lot, but I saw pictures of him back in training and he looked 10kg heavier than he should have been,” Cornes told SEN Games.

“No wonder Jake Stringer isn’t at Christian Petracca’s level, and you could say the talent is equal, but that’s what he’s going to have to live with, maybe he just doesn’t want to be the best version of himself.”

Meanwhile, Brownlow medalist Gerald Healy added he was “very worried” about Stringer’s 2023 season.

“We’ve had so many instances over the years (of the grin injury) that have persisted throughout the season,” the former Swann explained.

New Essendon coach Brad Scott has been tasked with a tougher pre-season for the Bombers after an external review by the club found the players were in poor fitness.


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