PS5: DualSense controller at an unprecedented price!

good plan news PS5: DualSense controller at an unprecedented price!

Currently Amazon offers one of the most important equipment to enjoy PS5 gaming experience. Offered at a price we’ve never seen before on a new product, it’s clearly time to embark on this offer that will allow you to take advantage of one of the products focused on the more PlayStation experience.

PS5 console: the official console is finally under 55 euros!

Amazon is currently offering the official DualSense PlayStation 5 controller for less than 55 euros! Price we only saw on used products at the moment. So if you thought Sony’s new console was too expensive so far, it’s time to think again.

Buy the PS5 console at 54€ on Amazon

DualSense is the possibility of being able to go beyond what DualShock 4 controllers have done so far. Found on PlayStation 4, DualShock controllers are a longtime companion to the PlayStation console.

Present from the first generation with analog JoySticks and vibration system, Dualshock controllers have seen their look evolve as well as their functionality.

But the latter had to give way to DualSense which took sensations and immersion to a whole new level.

PlayStation 5 Console: Rendezvous with 4K Sauce

Of all the controllers on the market, the DualSense is one of those that pushed the immersion to the extreme. In fact, with the features it offers, it can provide you with a gaming experience that is still new in the market.

This is so amazing that Sony decided to replace the term DualShock, which has accompanied the console since its inception, with DualSense to symbolize this change. This can be summed up in three words: haptic feedback.

In fact, in addition to improving vibrations, the controller allows you to get powerful feedback at your triggers allowing you to make a difference.

In fact, whether you’re driving in mud, archery or even with a Gatling, the feel will be very different. This contributes greatly to the immersion that the latest PlayStation console provides.

Buy the PS5 console at 54€ on Amazon

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