Pokémon Scarlet and Violet offer a wider selection of characters

There are four different player characters in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, two black, one white, and one Japanese.

screenshot: Game Geek / Kotaku

in all the details revealed yesterday Pokémon Scarlet and Purple information, one of the more subtle highlights is revealed in a fleeting glimpse. For the first time in the series, it looks like character customization may have begun to acknowledge an overlooked segment of its fan base.

Pokémon The game’s range of character skin tones and hairstyles isn’t the most diverse. Even the most recent entry, Pokémon Arceus, Only three shades were offered, translucent white (hello), slightly tanned, and light brown.

Character appearance options for Pokemon Arceus.

The character selection screen of Pokémon Arceus.
screenshot: Game Geek / Kotaku

The exact same narrow range appears in New Pokémon Snapshot, also came out last year. as a YouTuber Soul Story Mode Said a few months ago, “They’ve given us a lot of good options, and I’m not going to object, but I’m a black man, and I can definitely say I’m definitely the darkest option they’ve ever had. At this point, we Pretty much just being content with the closest we can get.”

Even more impressive is the range of hairstyles any game lets players choose. With every recent game release, there’s a style for boys, a style for girls, and that’s it. Go to a town with a barber and you can pick from a small selection of styles that no doubt lean toward non-brunettes. You know, there are side parts, “medium and waves,” a bowl cut, long hair…somewhere in the middle, “braids.”

Yesterday’s trailer revealed some big differences.

The beginning of things was predictable.you have a standard Victorian school uniform Pokémon white kids, then whiter faces than whites newly discovered professor, and then, interestingly, a very pale set of entry Pokémon. After that, another white coach, cheerfully extolling the virtues of science, before…what is this? in the distance? Yes… people of color!

It’s at this point that the game introduces another really cool new feature, four-player co-op. To illustrate this, we can see two black characters, Harry Potter and a Japanese girl.

Next, pay attention to the hair. All four have different hairstyles, which might suggest that if we didn’t get the full character customizer before we started playing (of course, must 2022 wishes should not be too far-fetched), at least there are more than one The hairstyle has to be chosen from scratch. Granted, that means the bar is underground. Still, while some may have reservations about how long this will take or how many options are left, just this little look speaks to a lot of people who don’t see themselves reflected in the popular franchise. The tweet below has over 108,000 likes since yesterday, and for good reason.

Now if only they didn’t have to wear that creepy Catholic school uniform.


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