Peugeot launches the name of its new elevated sedan!

The presentation of the new crossover from the Sochaux brand is fast approaching, and it will be revealed at the end of June. No doubt this grandmother will take the name 408.

This is Peugeot’s great novelty for 2022. We’ve been talking about it for weeks or even months, a crossover on the way. If we bet on the name 4008, we will have to remove the “0” and name it 408, it is now official. The nickname is already used in China to designate the 308 trunk. This new model will be revealed at the end of June. The manufacturer has just shared the first image highlighting its name which appears at the top of the network.

in front of 308

Obviously, we’ll have a little more for now. But these minor details say enough about the look of the front end of this 408 that, against all odds, should have been inspired by the latter’s 308. The name of the model is placed neatly in the same place, the Peugeot logo with retro accents is part of it, while the grille design is quite similar. A small peculiarity however, is the presence of thin stripes of blue, as a reminder of the body color of the car.

For the rest, expect to find claw-shaped headlights and large side slits that give it strong airiness, as always on the 308. This is because the 408 has been seen many times by our spies photographers (our articles can be found here or there). We were particularly surprised by her stunning shape at the time. The term crossover seems appropriate, and SUV-coupe a little less. Long and very low, it seems, you should mix types like the Citroën C5 X instead of the Renault Arkana. Moreover, in its press release, Peugeot uses the term “Fastback” that characterizes hatchback models whose roofline drops to the rear of the car. To be sure, the SUV’s accessories should be minimal and this 408 should be more like an elevated sedan. Finally, the choice of name is not a coincidence, double numbers are reserved for SUVs …

Delivery hybrid, confirmed

Other details were shared, but not in the press release, that the 408 will offer a plug-in plug-in hybrid. Not really a surprise, as the latest innovations from the French manufacturer are in the same boat. Suffice it to say we should find at least one of the two 308 rechargeable plug-in hybrids, which deliver 180bhp and 225bhp, compact from which the platform will take over. Thermal versions will naturally be in the catalog, even if Peugeot has not yet confirmed them. And we can expect a zero-emissions 408, as will soon be the case for the 308. And still like it, the 408 will be assembled in France, at Mulhouse. If it is revealed in just under a month, it will make its first run and be one of the big stars at the upcoming Paris Motor Show which will return in October, after three years of absence.

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