Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas mock cinema in the “Official Competition”

Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas put laughs at their side official contesta comedy full of satire on the flaws of cinema, will be shown in France on Wednesday 1 June.

In this feature film, signed by a duo of Argentine directors, Gaston Dobrat and Mariano Cohen, and shown in September at the Venice Film Festival, Penelope Cruz wears a huge red wig to slip into the skin of Lula, the famous director who is a billionaire – who knows nothing about art but wants to He leaves his mark in history – he decides to commission a film. Was that or build a bridge.

To work with her, two wonderful actors who are opposed by everything: Felix, a Hollywood star, sexy, charismatic and self-confident, it is clear that Antonio Banderas plays him. And Ivan, a famous stage actor, is educated and deceptively modest, performed by Argentine actor Oscar Martinez. This trio has to prepare for the shoot and rehearse together – it’s not easy when you share so little, except for your inflated ego.

In the movie, the director will subject her actors to somewhat eccentric exercises to try to get them to overcome their narcissism. The Golden Globes will be passed to the mechanical breaker, the actors, who must play the brothers, wrapped in cellophane, torrents of insults exchanged by two free-lance artists…

The director and her artistic ambitions also take her to her rank. “For me, it was very interesting and very liberating to interpret this unruly character, this charming psychopath, and at the same time completely clever and wet, without a filter and not caring what people think about her. “, Explained to Venice Penelope Cruz. Who had the original idea for the movie and identifies: “I don’t want to look like him at all!”

Pettiness, arrogance, petty arrangements with oneself… “The movie basically describes a part of the human being.”Follow Antonio Banderas. “In this case, they are actors, but it can very well be applied to politics or to any human activity”.

The script was informed by the actors’ experience: “Our idea was to show the kitchen, the actors’ strategies to get us moving”Explained by Gaston Dobrat, who previously made several films with his partner Mariano Cohen, including the comedy Honorary Citizen (2017).

official contestin theaters this Wednesday, June 1.

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