Original recap and reactions (June 27, 2022): Haven’t seen him in 20 years

It’s been crazy these days, and not in the best way.So let’s hope raw Boost your spirits a little.

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let’s talk raw!


WWE celebrated John Cena this week. The party was like a trip to fond memories, with several sections dedicated to Dr. Thuganomics, including various wrestlers citing his history or words in their promos. It’s a nice touch that shows the peacemaker’s influence in whatever hall WWE Superstars roam in a given week.

The ceremony culminated when Cena addressed thousands of attendees and millions watching at home. The only reason I put it here is because Cena is always on the mic and the guy’s shadow hangs over everything WWE does. Then, now and forever.

Cena said from the bottom of his heart, thanking fans for staying true to him and imploring them to stay true to everyone forever. If they like something, tell them. If they hate something, let them know. His relationship with fans has made him a better man, a better husband, and a better professional. In all wrestling matches, few are always sincere. Eddie Kingston is one of them, Jon Moxley is another. But that’s exactly what Senna has. No matter the era, no matter the situation, he can always convince the audience. This is the most important aspect of our affair, so a bunch of people in WWE should take notes.

Cena also released some news: He plans to wrestle again. It’s not just for “one more game”. He doesn’t know when – the world needs a lot of peace right now – but it will happen. Cena interacted with Theroy earlier on the show, convincing Creedence that these trailers will be tangoing in August. Maybe that’s Senna’s next appearance. Maybe not.

Whenever we see him again, make sure to cherish the man who truly gave everything for this company and its fans.

extracurricular activities

imagine me rolling around

WWE is telling a good story with Becky Lynch.Becky’s slump after losing WrestleMania Take her to some dark places. There are also interesting places, but mostly dark. This week, Becky faces five other women vying for the final spot in the women’s bank money competition. Will she shake? Will she ruin the game?

In short, the answer is yes. I like how aggressive Becky is at the start of the game. She follows everyone in her path and does the best she can as a woman on a mission. Charlie? pinned her. Nicky Ash? Fixed Xia submitted her shortly after. Clearly the star of the game, Becky has also raised the game for everyone else. Especially Doudrop. If anyone is as dominant as Becky, it’s Doudrop. Whenever a match is out of the ring, she dominates everyone and knocks out Shayna Baszler and Tamina back to back.

It always comes down to Becky and Dudrop. Becky tried the Manhandle Slam a few times in vain. It wasn’t until Doudrop finally made a mistake that Becky took advantage of other people’s stupidity instead of his own.

Doudrop hoisted Becky to the top turnbuckle, lost his position and fell victim to the Manhandle Slam.

Becky is going money in the bank.

Great main event showcasing the great Becky and Dudrop together, a great chapter in Becky’s “comeback” story.

one more chance

Battle Royale is a mess, so don’t look here for a one-hit recap. I’ll talk about the Final Four. Riddle, AJ Styles, Nakamura and Miz. Now, the idea here is that the winner gets a place in the “Bank Deposit” contest. Great, makes sense. It’s important to note here that as long as Roman Reigns has the belt, one of these guys can’t challenge for the WWE Grand Championship.

However, Riddle won. The audience cheered and it was the perfect ending between him and the Miz, but I don’t think he’d fit in the place. Give it to someone who doesn’t have that rule, because it adds to the suspense of the bank deposit game. Maybe WWE surprised me and Brock Lesnar beat Roman… maybe. But based on recent history, that’s unlikely. That means, in my opinion, it’s a guy in this game who didn’t shoot that briefcase on July 2, 2022.


Street profit is on their minds. Even after Angelo Dawkins’ victory over Jimmy Uso last week, they didn’t quite believe they were capable of beating Uso. I really like this angle. Despite their list of accomplishments—which John Cena so helpfully laid out—they were stunned when it came to Jimmy and Jay. That means another solo win against a bloodline member isn’t just “another win”. With all of that in mind, we got the guy who was called Main Event Jey Uso before Montez Ford played.

Listen, there are only so many ways I can tell you, these two are a good match. Is it great? No, but that’s fine because The Profits and The Usos work well together in any configuration. The best part is the ending, where Dawkins makes sure his partner has a chance to get into the pay window and kill Jimmy before he messes up his job. Montez, in another ridiculous performance, nearly touched the briefcase above the ring with a frog splash.


Montez picked up a W, which could mean a flop for their future. correct? I’m not sure. Usos is the Detroit Pistons of the Chicago Bulls for profit. Every small victory counts, so for Roman’s cousins, this may be the beginning of the end.

ball and my words

In that battle royale, the Miz cost AJ Styles in typical Miz fashion. The coward pretended to be injured and waited for the perfect moment to eliminate Stiles. That’s why in the 1993 Miz interview clip, AJ dashes into the ring like a kid, to Toys “R” Us, to play for the Power Rangers.

What followed was a solid bout that ended the moment the Miz walked out. Perfect for his role, Miz left the game without hesitation, giving AJ the victory.

I have no problem with that. AJ and Miz aren’t something you just randomly show up on a random Monday night. There are more stories here, worthy of a bigger stage. AJ needs to challenge and chase the Miz for weeks until Summer Slam Sounds like the right obstacle.

return? Corey Graves has plenty of authority and the Miz has huge balls.

really big

The “face to face” part of Carmella and Bianca Belair had me rather bored this week. Bianca called Mela talented but insecure. EST said Mella was so focused on her looks that she didn’t realize her potential. Well…there is some truth there. But, again, the game is a few days away, so adding that part of the story at this point is moot. Mella came into the ring dressed like a Bob Fosse dancer, explaining how she was insecure. She is very smart. That’s why she beats Bianca et al. You know what’s going on.

Carmela then rushed forward like she was leaving the ring, only to kick the champ everyone saw. Including Bianca, who not only caught the kick, but kept looking out of the corner of her eye.

The entire clip is a little too predictable, with no real immediacy. Um.

I dare you

Before their match, Liv Morgan told Alexa Bliss that not only would she win Money in the Bank in Las Vegas, but she would beat her this week. Alexa basically says “no.”

Well, Alexa was wrong. It’s a fun match between two label partners who realize every woman is for herself when the big championship is on the horizon. Liv twists Alexa’s DDT and rolls up quickly for a W. After the game, there was only respect, friendlies and all the jazz among the ladies. But we’ll see if they maintain that courtesy when the briefcase goes live.

can i live?

Bobby Lashley deals with WWE’s perpetual bad guy Alpha Academy. Otis and Chad Gable faced Lashley in a handicap while Theory played outside the special referee. This game exists to get more heat on Theory, I’m not sure if it’s necessary at this point.But hey, Chad hits Hurt Lock and Theory runs away after his few cheap shots money in the bank opponent.

Wait patiently

Cody Rhodes Interview! The doctor told him to recover in nine months! If Seth wins, he’ll congratulate Seth Rollins! He’s hyped in the Money in the Bank contest! Back to rehab!

raw This week wasn’t exactly worth going home, but it wasn’t scary either. The Cena celebrations are awesome and rawsidee bank deposit The card is finally done. Biggest knock? No Elrod, Elias and Ezekiel matched Kevin Owens. Depriving us of our rights is sinful.

Grade: B-

That’s my grade, and I’ll stick with it. it’s your turn.

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