North Shore pet owners react to sudden vet closure

Lynn Vet closes abruptly. North Shore Animal Hospital told its clients on Thursday they will soon need a new place to care for their pets.

“I can’t mess with the dog with insulin, she needs it to live,” said dog owner Toni Depaolis of Revere.

Depaolis said she went into a panic mode when she received an email from the veterinarian late last week. The email message, also posted on Facebook, said in part; “It is with heavy hearts that we announce that the North Shore Animal Hospital will be permanently closed on December 16th.”

“When I got a message that they weren’t answering, I tried calling,” Depaolis said.

Instead, Depaolis heard the same message we received when we tried calling at Boston 25. It said in part; “Thank you for calling North Shore Animal Hospital. We regret to announce that we will be permanently closing our doors on December 16th.”

“I was so shocked and ended up worried because I had just given her her last dose of insulin and she didn’t have any supplements,” said Depaolis, whose dog, Chloe, is diabetic and goes out every two to four weeks. See a veterinarian for treatment. Her other dog, Nico, is also a patient.

The day after the closure was announced, North Shore Animal Hospital posted another statement on Facebook explaining their struggles.

Information to our customers –

Thank you for your patience as our teams work through the hospital closure. We would like to apologize to our customers for the short notice we gave you of our closure and to be as transparent as possible. Several factors contributed to this difficult decision. We’ve dealt with a number of facility issues over the past 6 months, including two recent sewage backflows into our basement. Issues such as these have hindered not only our ability to provide a safe and clean environment for our employees, but also our ability to recruit veterinarians during a time of unprecedented staffing shortages in the field.

We want to provide high-quality veterinary care for every pet that comes in our door, but the truth is, we can’t do it if we don’t have enough staff to support our efforts or a safe and clean work environment.

We have made every effort to prevent such closures from occurring, however, these circumstances are beyond our control. We appreciate the community’s support over the years and recommend the following community hospitals for the care of your precious pets. Our teams have contacted these hospitals to confirm that they are accepting new patients. Thank you again for your support.

Your veterinary team at North Shore Animal Hospital

Depaolis and other pet owners are now busy finding new ways to care for their pets in a very short period of time.

“It’s not right in terms of how it’s been handled,” Depaolis said.

North Shore Animal Hospital does provide a list of alternative veterinarians their clients can call. Depaolis said she made an appointment for her dog with a new veterinarian in Marblehead. However, she said others have indicated a 4-8 week wait.

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