Nintendo Direct Mini: The biggest announcements and games

renew: The 25-minute Nintendo Direct Mini aired this morning, packed with games, trailers, and announcements from Nintendo Switch owners. One of the biggest announcements: The Persona game is finally coming to Switch, many of the demos and games are now live on the eShop, and we finally know when we’ll be playing Mario + Rabbit Fire of Hope. You can rewatch the entire Direct Mini in the video below and follow the link to our full coverage of the event.

ability: Nintendo has announced the next Nintendo Direct Mini event. It’s happening today, June 28, starting at 6AM PT. While we don’t know exactly what will feature, Nintendo did say it’ll be focusing on third-party games, which means we shouldn’t expect to see Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 or Pokemon Crimson/Violet. The “mini” broadcast will contain about 25 minutes of information on upcoming third-party Switch games, and it appears that one of the details has already leaked. Here’s what you need to know to watch Direct as soon as it starts.

Play now: Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase – June 2022

When does the June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini start?

According to Nintendo’s tweet, the event kicks off today (Tuesday, June 28) at 6AM PT / 9AM ET, but it will be an on-demand stream, not a live broadcast. You will be able to watch it on YouTube.

This is the second Nintendo Direct in as many weeks, with the June 22 Nintendo Direct event focused on Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which was released in July.

what to expect

Nintendo didn’t say what games might be available during the June 27 event, but some possibilities include Mario + Rabbit: A Spark of Hope and Witchcraft 3. The former seemed like a safe bet after a hopeful Sparks release date leaked on the Ubisoft store. There are plenty of other possibilities, like Sports Story, Hollow Knight: Silksong (which finally resurfaced at Xbox’s non-E3 conference earlier this month), and more. Rumors also suggest that Nier Automata and Persona could be included in the Direct.

Rumor has it that another Nintendo Direct could be held on June 29, which many hope will be Nintendo’s traditional big summer showcase, but that’s just speculation for now.reporter Jeff Grubb of GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb Nintendo has said it will host multiple summer events this year, but this one could affect its plans for this month.

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