New Overwatch 2 heroes will be easier to unlock for free

A large bank vault door opens to reveal a new Overwatch 2 tank.

picture: Blizzard/Kotaku/Pablo Wilson (Shutterstock)

free shooting games Overwatch 2 Season 2 launches tomorrow Brand new tank character, Ramattra. Like last time, you can buy the Premium Battle Pass to instantly unlock the new hero, or hone Freedom Path to finally get his access. But this time, after complaints from players, Blizzard made the second option easier.

Released earlier this fall, Blizzard’s hero-based competitive shooter had a rough first few months. Between server issues, bugs, characters removed from the game, expensive skins, and issues with crossplay and support power, Well, it’s a huge mess.

One of the most controversial issues involved Tongzi, a supporting role added in the first season of the game. If you bought the battle pass, you’ll get the new heroes immediately. However, for players who haven’t purchased the pass, you have to reach level 55 to unlock her. Considering how hard it is to level up the Battle Pass, not many people are happy about it. Leveling up the pass takes a long time and involves playing a lot of games, completing boring or specific challenges —Like impaling five enemies with Orisa’s spear– That doesn’t pay much XP. Now, ahead of tomorrow’s Season 2 launch, Blizzard is promising an easier way to unlock new tanks for free.


on twitter, Overwatch 2 Game director Aaron Keller tweeted Blizzard reviewed the Season 1 stats and decided to move Ramattra from Tier 55 to Tier 45 in the Battle Pass. Some challenges will become “easier” to complete.

“Hey everyone! A quick update on some changes for Season 2,” Keller said. “After reviewing the Season 1 stats, we are moving Ramattra to Tier 45 of the Battle Pass and making more weekly challenges easier to complete. Excited for you to see all the new content for Season 2 starting tomorrow !”

it’s part of blizzard Keep trying to progress in the shooter “More rewarding.” On Twitter, of course, players were mixed.although many people seem happy about changeothers are still not happy that the hero is locked behind such a high grade pass, Suggest a lower grade would be betterriver

Now, it should be noted that, unlike the original Overwatch— Add all characters for free for all players, without any restrictions —Ra Matera will remain locked behind a paywallI unless you grind. But at least now the ordeal won’t be so scary Once you hit 45, you can stop focusing on challenges and battle passes and enjoy your new character instead.well unless blizzard get rid of him like may or fortress for weeks.


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