NeNe Leakes sued by ex-wife Malomine of boyfriend Nyonisela Sioh

real housewives of atlanta Alumnus NeNe Leakes has been dragged into court by boyfriend Nyonisela Sioh’s ex-wife after allegedly sleeping with her partner caused her marriage to fail. Keep scrolling for in-depth insights on the case.

NeNe Leakes sued by boyfriend’s ex-wife

According to court documents obtained TMZNeNe was dragged into court by her boyfriend’s ex-wife Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh for hooking up with her man while they were still married.

Malomine claims in the lawsuit that NeNe shared photos of her new lover on various social media platforms, which was deeply humiliating to her and somehow caused her relationship with her husband, Nyonisela, to break down.

Malomine also said she had experienced a lot of emotional distress, mental distress and loss of family. For those of you who don’t know, let us tell you an interesting thing about North Carolina. It’s one of seven states where a person can sue a spouse’s extramarital lover for alienation.

Most states don’t allow this suit because it’s all a love game with emotions and feelings. According to media reports, Malomine is asking for more than $100,000.

NeNe is someone who is well versed in the word litigation. In the past, the reality star has accused the “Real Housewives” team of being a toxic workplace. Not long ago, Leakes went on to say that her complaints about years of racist remarks were dismissed by her actor Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

When did NeNe start dating Nyonisela?

new normal In December, the star sparked romance rumors with Nyonisela Sioh. They were photographed by police as they left the Miami Beach restaurant. NeNe and Sioh hold each other’s hands tightly during the outing. They look comfortable and happy.

Around that time, a close source told People Magazine“It’s still new, but she’s almost like a teenager with him, just giggling lightly and feeling those new relationship butterflies.”

NeNe was previously married to Gregg Leakes

NeNe first married Gregg in 1997, the two divorced in 2011, and they reunited, remarried on June 22, 2013 at the InterContinental Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta. Greg died of colon cancer in September 2021.

Her new romance follows the death of her late husband Greg Lix. The insider further added: “NeNe was obviously saddened by Gregg’s death, but she has been his carer and she has really lost the feeling of having a partner who prioritizes you.”

The source continued, “Nyonisella treated her like a queen. He kept courting her, complimenting her and putting her needs first. After her loss, she couldn’t find a better one. man.”

As of now, NeNe Leakes has not made an official comment on the whole thing. Don’t forget to keep following us for the latest developments in the entertainment industry.

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