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Immediate release: June 27, 2022 (22-094)

touch: Sharon Moysiuk, Communications 360-549-6471
Public Inquiries: Health System Customer Service 360-236-4700

Olympia — The Washington State Department of Health has taken disciplinary action or dropped charges against the following health care providers in our state.

The Department’s Health Systems Quality Assurance Department works with committees, committees, and advisory committees to develop licensing standards for more than 80 health care professions (eg, dentists, nurses, consultants). Information on disciplinary actions taken against physicians and physician assistants can be found on the Washington Medical Council (WMC) website. Questions about WMC disciplinary action can be sent to

Information about health care providers is located on the agency’s website. Click on the “Find a Health Care Provider License” section of the “How Do I?” section of the Department of Health website ( The site includes information on the health care provider’s licensure status, expiry and renewal dates for their certificates, disciplinary actions, and copies of legal documents issued after July 1998. This information can also be obtained by calling 360-236-4700. Consumers who believe their healthcare provider is acting unprofessional are encouraged to call and report their complaints.

franklin county

Nursing Assistant Program Billing for Certified Nursing Assistants in May 2022 Shailene Marie Lozozzo (NC60855746) She behaved unprofessional after being convicted of two counts of assault in Benton County District Court.

Grant County

In May 2022, the Dental Council terminated conditions for dental licenses Peter M.Cha (DE00006848).

Grace Harbor County

In May 2022, EMS program bills emergency medical technicians Mary Lynn Jazabek (ES61065273) Behaving unprofessional as she is allegedly not affiliated with emergency medical services licensed by the Minister of Health.

King County

In May 2022, the Massage Therapist Program charges massage therapists Xing Yuchen (MA60115256) Unprofessional behavior. Department inspectors found that Chen’s massage business allegedly failed to produce a masseuse license, keep client records or thoroughly clean tables and other furniture, among other violations.

Substance Use Disorder Professional Program Fees May 2022 Stephen Robert Adkins (CP60264602) Unprofessional behavior. Adkins, who is licensed as a professional in chemical dependence (now licensed as a substance use disorder professional), allegedly disclosed personal and emotional issues to patients, causing emotional distress and threatening the patient’s recovery efforts. He also sent inappropriate text messages to patients.

May 2022 Board of Nursing charges registered nurse Brian David Marubashi (RN60563235) He acted unprofessional after being found guilty of four counts of assault in King County Superior Court.

Massage Therapy Program to charge massage therapists in May 2022 Donovan Paul Loomis (MA60732442) Unprofessional behavior. The allegation alleges that Loomis performed breast massages without completing the required training and education.

May 2022 Dental Council and Dentist Garrett J. Buck (DE60879751) entered into an agreement that allows the investigator to review, without notice, 10 patient records that will remain as long as he is not practicing in Washington. He must also complete continuing education, pass a law exam, pay a $3,000 fine and repay the commission $4,000 in fees. The committee found Buck’s practice was below the standard of care after examining a minor and recommending an unnecessary treatment plan for multiple teeth.

May 2022 Dental Council and Dentist Sean Martin Keller (DE00009100) has an agreement that allows investigators to review at least 10 patient records and conduct infection control checks without notice. Keller must also complete continuing education, obtain a substance use assessment, pay a $50,000 fine and repay the board $10,000 in fees. Keller treated multiple patients below the standard of care because of issues such as incomplete documentation, open crown contacts, and improper prosthesis placement.

Kissap County

Massage Therapy Program Fees May 2022 Jack Eric Johnson (MA60625031) Suspected unprofessional conduct of providing massages to clients when their license expired.

In May 2022, the Board of Nursing conditionally reinstated the Nurse Practitioner License Stella Marie Guerrero (LP00040764). Guerrero’s certificate has a minimum 12-month probationary period, and her employer must submit a performance evaluation. Guerrero may not work in a respite or travel care facility, home health or community care facility, or teaching facility. Guerrero must also be under direct supervision and not be the head nurse or head nurse.

Lewis County

May 2022, Health Minister Conditionally Grants Substance Use Disorder Professional Intern License Caitlin Alice Rogers (CO61285861). Rogers’ credential will be on a probationary period of at least one year, and her employer must submit quarterly performance reviews. Rogers was convicted of theft in Centralia City Court in 2019 and completed the Lewis County Drug Court Project in 2020.

Pierce County

May 2022 Board of Pharmacy Charges Pharmacy Assistant Jonathan Wayne Cooper II (VB60744507) Unprofessional behavior. Cooper was convicted of domestic violence battery in Pierce County Superior Court in December 2020.

In May 2022, the Nursing Assistant Program resumed the conditional Certified Nursing Assistant Joshua Michael Nicholson (NC60804330). Nicholson’s certificate will be on a probationary period of at least 12 months and his employer must submit a performance evaluation.

Snohomish County

Registered Nursing Assistant Program Fees to Registered Nursing Assistants May 2022 Danielle Shea (NA61105935) After she allegedly sprayed the genitals of a long-term care resident with Clorox, she acted unprofessional, leaving the person with chemical burns.

Chiropractors indicted by Chiropractic Board in May 2022 Gordon Aubrey McCoy (CH00003460) Unprofessional conduct. He allegedly did not require patients or staff at clinics he owned to wear face coverings or follow social distancing and COVID-19 screening guidelines.

Skagit County

May 2022 Board of Nursing charges registered nurse Michael Justin Guzman (RN60802248) Unprofessional conduct. Guzman failed to document the early administration of the patient’s medication and notify oncoming nurses. Guzman also stopped the patient’s medication and failed to monitor and chart the patient’s vital signs.

Spokane County

In May 2022, the Minister of Health conditionally approved the agency’s Affiliated Consultant License Shariel Lynn Brown (CG61096012). Brown was convicted of multiple misdemeanors and felonies, including theft and forgery, between 1994 and 2019. Brown agreed to a trial period until May 2023, quarterly performance reviews and other conditions.

In May 2022, the Nursing Assistant Program bills to Registered Nursing Assistants Domanic Russell razor (NA61068384) Unprofessional conduct. The razor allegedly stole items from a home client’s safe and pawned it. He was charged with theft in Spokane County Superior Court in January 2022. He also allegedly sent a photo of his genitals to another caregiver who worked from home.

Yakima County

In May 2022, the Minister of Health conditionally approved the Substance Use Professional Trainee Licence Jason Luis Estrada (CO61287574). Between 2007 and 2018, Estrada had multiple convictions in Oregon and Idaho, including trespassing and driving under the influence of alcohol. He agreed to a three-year probationary period for his license, professional oversight of his practice and quarterly performance reviews.

May 2022 Substance Use Disorder Professional Intern Program Fees Substance Use Disorder Professional Intern Roxanne Sanchez (CO61036095) Unprofessional behavior after receiving complaints that Sanchez allegedly attempted to falsify drug tests and borrow money from patients and colleagues. Sanchez failed to provide the necessary explanation for the allegations.

not in state

Idaho: May 2022 Dental Council and Dentist Emerson Grant Goldport (DE60548646) entered into an agreement to allow investigators to review at least 10 patient records over the next year. Godbolt must also reimburse $2,000 in expenses, complete continuing education, and pass the law exam. Godbolt’s treatment of a minor patient was below the standard of care associated with general anesthesia and therapy, which was not justified by the chart annotations.

Editor’s Note: Healthcare providers accused of unprofessional conduct have 20 days to respond in writing to the Ministry of Health. The case then went into settlement proceedings. If a disciplinary agreement cannot be reached, the case will go to a hearing.

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