Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s new map has a different tone

monster hunter rises: sun protection is an upcoming extension monster hunter rise, last year’s Nintendo Switch version of the Monster Hunter game, is coming to PC in early 2022.It promises new monster fights, new buddy fights, expansion to riseand more high-altitude adventures from Wirebug.

but sunscreen more than just “more” rise, but completely detached from the Japanese folklore theme of its base game.In a translation interview, Polygon spoke with sunscreen Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Director Yoshitake Suzuki on how the expansion can be leveraged riseThe success of the game also gave players a sense of freshness.

in a video presentation sunscreenCapcom showed off two new monster hunts, one of which takes place in the expansion’s creepy new area, The Citadel.

“and riseit focuses more on Japanese folklore themes,” Tsujimoto said. “But with the addition of the new Master-level quests sunscreen side, once [players] Starting to take place in those places, they will be more fully immersed in Western themes. “

Tsujimoto means sunscreenObvious interest in the gothic castles of classic movie monsters like Dracula – expansion via Castlevania’s monster hunters, or Capcom’s own Resident Evil Village. Citadel is a European mountain glade full of ruins and foliage.

Despite the scenic beauty, an ominous purple haze hangs over the map, imbuing the area with a menacing feel. When players climb over the dilapidated castle turret and into the snowy mountains, it should be clear that they are not far from Kamura Village (the game’s main player center). rise) up.

Image: Capcom

But these pitch changes should not be seen as a philosophical change sunscreen. Despite the new scenario schedule, Capcom works hard to preserve and enhance the map movement we praised in the review rise last year.

“One of our priorities is to create sunscreen It’s really about introducing a new location that can really take advantage of the new features and new mobility that we’ve introduced in the base game,” Suzuki said.”[…] It was important for us not to stray from the overall scale of previous fields in the game. […] So mobility was definitely part of our design for this new map layout. “

However, Suzuki clarified that Capcom is still careful not to overwhelm Hunters with too much play space.

In the clip we saw, hunters were able to use Wirebug to fly over cliffs and mountains, strategically entering one area of ​​the map from another.The mountain looks new and spectacular, but the map folds up nicely – like many riseThe Best Maps – Easy to travel between areas.

like ice sheet Expansion does monster hunter world, sunscreen Showcasing Capcom’s work to continue the features players loved in the base version, just with tougher monsters and quests.but not like ice sheet, sunscreenThe aesthetic shift is giving players a very different world to explore.Ideally, this would give the extension a ice sheet That’s true, even if hunters use the same tricks to navigate similarly sized worlds.

Capcom will release Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak June 30.

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