Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenegger launch brain health brand


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Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenegger’s mission is to educate you about brain health.

Shriver has been an outspoken advocate for Alzheimer’s disease. Her father, Robert Sargent Shriver, was diagnosed with the disease in 2003. This inspired her to create the nonprofit Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement.

Now she and her son co-found MOSH, which stands for Maria Owings Shriver Health. They call it “brain branding,” educating people about how what they eat today affects their brain health tomorrow.

“[My dad] He died in 2011, and he was the smartest man I’ve ever met, probably the smartest man most people who have met him have ever seen,” Shriver told CNN. “Seeing a smart guy lose his mind.” , to lose the brain, to lose the ability to know what a fork is or know who I am, is a remarkable thing. So I started asking a lot of questions and trying to understand what caused this and how to prevent it from happening if they could have prevented it from happening to them. “

June is Brain Health Awareness Month, which is why mother and son are talking openly about their brand.

MOSH’s first product is a protein bar, which the company calls a “brain bar.” Proceeds raise funds for the Women’s Alzheimer’s Campaign.

“We like to do more than just a product; we’re a mission-driven company with different messages on our website,” Schwarzenegger said.

The company runs a blog to educate consumers about nutrition and sleep.

“We’re really trying to take a holistic approach to helping people think about their brains and their bodies,” he said.

In addition to protein bars, MOSH has several ways to keep your brain sharp.

“We believe in this holistic approach. That’s why we always say, you know, our bar is not a one-size-fits-all,” he said. “We have a way [on our site] Let you know about different tactics. We have a way for you to play a different brain game, a brain game. “

Shriver says simple choices in life can help strengthen your brain, like choosing a different route home.

“I try to confuse the way I brush my teeth. [When I’m driving] I’m trying to confuse, you know, do I turn left? Am I picking the right one? How do I find my way home? I try to memorize the shopping list. I try to remember some phone numbers. So I think challenging your brain in whatever way works for you is an important thing to keep doing. “

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