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When you’re a puppy, even the smallest hole or crevice can become as impenetrable as the Grand Canyon.

Bracken Jellier, of Devon, England, was out for a walk with her pup, Flossie, when the dog suddenly ran away and disappeared. Bracken looked around for the dog but couldn’t find her. In desperation, Bracken posted a photo of Flossi on Facebook, desperate for help.

“Flossie is missing,” she wrote. “She’s been gone since yesterday morning. We think she might be in a specific rabbit den. Is there anyone who can use underground camera equipment or anything like that to help in trying to find her? Any ideas would be helpful.”

Bracken was convinced that Flossie had been chasing a rabbit when he fell into a deep hole that was common in their neighborhood. A neighbor named Tom Leary, a member of Mid Devon Hunt and an experienced stalker, saw the Facebook post and offered to help. He brought his own scent dog, and 56 hours after Flossie went missing, Tom’s dog smelled her. Bracken was right – she fell down the rabbit hole and got stuck underground!

Once they knew where she was, they had to dig the puppy out without hurting her. In a video we see Tom digging up dirt from the frightened puppy’s face with his bare hands. “Oh baby!” Bracken can be heard exclaiming at work.

After a few tense moments, he was finally able to pull Flossie out of the dirt, sending her straight into the arms of a very grateful Bracken.

“Thank you to everyone who shared our posts, offered suggestions to help, and most importantly Tom Leary who came here twice with his incredible dog to scour all the rabbit holes in the area,” Bracken wrote. “We would never have let her out without him, and we will be forever grateful.”

The best part? Even after staying underground for more than two days, Flossie was not injured!

“We are ecstatic to say that Flossie has been found,” Bracken shared. “It’s a long story with some incredible coincidences that led to her being found after being buried in the ground for 56 hours. We’re so happy to have her home, she’s completely dehydrated and underweight aside from being a little bit dehydrated and underweight. no problem.”

What a wild adventure! We are delighted that Bracken’s community came together to help her find her missing dog. Let’s hope Flossie doesn’t “go bunny” again anytime soon.

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